A logo says a lot about the quality of your company
We can help you make sure that what it says is positive, professional and a symbolic beacon for the quality of your offering.

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Minneapolis Logo Design

Get a symbol your business can be proud of.
Besides degrees in graphic design, we've been studying psychology, persuasion, and marketing for 15+ years – and I can wield that discipline to create a custom symbol / wordmark that your team can be proud of, and that will help you get more ideal customers.

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Branding & Logo Design

Your logo is a beacon for your business. Make sure it represents your company well.

We know how to create something epic that you can be proud of. Don't hold back – go all in, make the move – set the break. Your company needs a serious brand that will create an excellent impression on the people you want to work with. We can help you create that impression – let's get started.

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Questions and Answers about Minneapolis Logo Design

If you are looking for a logo designer, or a logo design, in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or the surrounding areas, I am here to serve you. Actually, if you need one anywhere, I’m here for you. I love working with clients who are passionate about what they do. If you need a logo or a branding project done (or a logo project + also are in need of Minneapolis web design) and are looking for someone with a marketing mind, check out my examples, and I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Unusually creative and intentional design makes for uniquely effective results. I have no vested interest in anything but creating for you the most distinct and visually powerful logo to give you the best possible results.
  • Success breeds success. My personal work is successful because I focus on providing value with every branded element I make. I’ve been working since 2011 on creating business-minded visual solutions for clients who have expressed deep appreciation for my work. As I’m successful in creating an excellent brand for a business, they are too in their ventures as they have a beacon to look to and symbolically represent all their hard work.
  • I make things look expensive. To make money, you have to spend money. Are you a legitimate business? A solid brand is a clear investment, and an important step in being a recognizable high-quality business solution of substance. I love helping clients take this all important step.
  • Highly responsive. I believe the best branding design is created not to be the focus of attention, but to draw people into the main value proposition of a product or service. Through discussions with you, the business owner and truly listening, I’m able to express visually in a logo what your company does that’s different than your competition. And if you don’t think in that way yet, I will encourage you to start. I’ve spent gobs of money and time soaking up courses, books, and lectures about marketing and design and intend to apply them to every design project.
  • Cut through the noise. Does anyone care about your product, service or organization at all? Perhaps they don’t. Perhaps they do by default. But a clear direction provided by branding is compelling in a way that attaches itself to people’s hearts, minds, and imaginations. Ths isn’t sad manipulation of marketing in the 80’s; it’s really asking yourself some very basic questions.
    • What about my business is interesting from an outside perspective?
    • How can I tell that story to the world?
    • What are the most appropriate ways to tell the story visually?

Whether it be a symbol or a wordmark, graphic logo design is all about making sure you have a compelling concept and a singular vision. When you choose a designer, make sure you respect their taste and are on board with the general direction of their style. I don’t care that much if you choose me to make this, but make sure it’s someone who has experience and someone who is going to give your logo design the respect and attention it deserves.

Keep it classy

Likely in your industry people without training might try to do what you do, but you know if they want to get anywhere they should hire a professional, the same concept applies in graphic and logo design. If you need a little free consultation or want to chat, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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