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You want to know why you’re not getting a endless stream of leads online?

People either can’t find you – or they don’t trust you.

Does that hurt to hear?

How to help more people find you

I don’t care how you do it – but you need to get more professional visibility online. Even if you don’t feel like it matters that much right now, because your business survived off of referrals this long. You may be working harder than you need to be to get those jobs, and settling for ones that are beneath you because you don’t have a line out the door – so to speak.

Get More Leads
Get more construction leads

Not only are we giving away this free e-book, but also a punchlist for getting higher on Google Maps + my audiobook “#Growthhackathon – Marketing on a Budget

One will help you quickly boost your rankings and easily get your website to show higher on Google maps…

The other is around 3 hours long – but will guide you through my digital marketing strategies one by one – and give you some ideas about how to get the most digital marketing possible done quickly.

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Questions and Answers about Construction Company Lead Generation

The basics of helping people find you are somewhat simple – you need new, useful content and landing pages on your website that are targeted for specific terms people are Googling, you need to get more links back to your site from around the web because it helps Google know they relative importance of your site, and you need to find strategic ways to pay for visibility on Google re-marketing, and Facebook promoted posts.

This is a good start

You don’t need to hire someone like me to do your marketing, it’s just that marketing experts (particularly one’s that have specialized in construction marketing) will allow you to move more quickly on these types of strategies, and allow you to spend more time on what you’re best at – running your construction business.

Does your name and brand / logo say what you want it to about the quality of work you do?
You may think it doesn’t matter but does your ideal customer care?
The data would say that they do. A group of woman were polled and asked if the aesthetic of a website would drive them away if it was done poorly – and 73% of them said it could. They said they would ‘click away’ if they felt the look of the website reflected poorly on the quality of the company.
Just the look of your companies marketing can attract or repel.
The name matters as well – Advertising magnate Ogilvy puts it this way “What’s in a brand name? Perhaps everything, or at the very least a brand’s identity – its personality, values, recognition and reputation. It differentiates you from your competitors and gets customers interested or at least curious. The name is not the brand, but a shortcut to the brand promise. Sometimes, the brand name is so apt and describes what it does so well that customers call all similar products by the same name. Google is the universal term for internet searches, Saran Wrap in the US for all plastic cling film and Hoover in the UK for all vacuum cleaners, and as a verb to describe the process.

If you’re still not sure then apply these 5 tests to check your brand out.
Is it short and easy to understand, remember, pronounce and spell?
Does it use figurative language that creates the imagery you want?
Does it resonate with your target?
Does it stand out, or can it be confused with other brands?
Can it shortened or abbreviated in an acceptable way?
Customers build brands, not companies. They give brands value by developing perceptions and expectations for those brands. Your brand name is short cut to these associations. A brand name should be easily remembered, catchy, explain what your product does as well as communicate the message you want to send. What does your name say about you?”

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