Lawyer SEO Keywords – Highest Volume & Traffic U.S.


by on October 18, 2017

Keywords for Lawyer SEO - Law firm search engine optimization

Lawyer SEO Keywords – Highest Volume & Traffic U.S.


Keywords for Lawyer SEO - Law firm search engine optimization


Lawyer SEO Keywords – Highest Volume & Traffic  is intended to give SEO professionals and Law firms a head start on the types of content and landing pages that they might want to go after – by giving some ideas for the top keywords. As part of my general discipline of doing Law firm SEO – this research was done by using Ahrefs and other tools to draw out some solid keywords and give the average monthly searches for a number of law firm and criminal defense related keywords.

Without further ado – here are the highest volume & traffic terms for Law firm SEO. (Some lower volume terms are included for context and contrast)

  • Keyword Phrase Estimated Monthly U.S. Search Volume
  • Law firm  7.4k
  • Lawyer   70k
  • Rocket Lawyer 48k
  • Investment 78k
  • Lawyer Salary 21k 
  • Immigration Lawyer 21k
  • Chicago Attorneys 150
  • Law Office 3.5k
  • Find a Lawyer 4.8k
  • Attorney at Law 7.4k
  • Law office near me 400
  • Law office jobs 250
  • Consider these location specific location terms(how they might break down to your location)
  • Minneapolis Lawyer10
  • Attorney Minneapolis 60
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer Minneapolis350
  • Criminal Lawyer Minneapolis 250
  • Minneapolis DWI Lawyer 200
  • Personal Injury Lawyer Minneapolis 200
  • Minneapolis DUI Lawyer 150
  • Murthy law firm 7.8k
  • Lexington law firm 6.6k
  • Law firm rankings 1k
  • Law firm names 1.1k
  • Law firm logos 1.8k
  • Oh Law firm7.3k
  • Criminal defense 1.6k
  • Criminal defense Attorney 6.3k
  • Criminal defense Lawyer2.3k
  • Criminal defense attorneys 800
  • DUI Lawyer 2.8k
  • Law firms2.8k
  • Criminal defense near me400

I plan on continuing to add keywords for Lawyer SEO – and trying to find law firm and legal services keywords that have a high volume of searches and traffic. 

Making sure your legal services company has a specific niche.

It’s all well and good to have a broad array of services and types of customers you serve – but ideally your law firm niches to the point where you have a solid amount of clients, but no-one confuses you for another firm because you’re services are so broad.

Having a concentrated specialty makes finding the right SEO Keywords easy

SEO keyword research is like market analysis. If you see alot of searches in a particular area, and that niche is also lucrative, you can really carve out a place in the local, regional or even national market for those services. Be careful not to go so broad that it’s hard for you to dominate search engines for your given term.

This is just one metric to look at when choosing a legal niche, but it’s becoming an increasingly viable one that is poised to grow as search engine traffic keeps rising.

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