7 Great Places to Get Inspired for your Web Design Project


by on August 14, 2013

7 Places to get inspired for your web design project

7 Great Places to Get Inspired for your Web Design Project



Whether you’re a web designer looking to catch up on the latest trends, or if you are a small business owner looking for inspired web design, it’s always good to have some ideas to bring to the table. There are SO MANY websites out there on the web and it’s hard to remember the ones that really stuck out as excellent, that’s why it’s extremely useful to have some solid resources that focus on remarkable design. Here I’ve compiled a list of seven websites that showcase excellent design on a regular basis, so that you can keep current or get inspiration for your next website.


Resources for Inspired Web Design – The Best Websites in the world are profiled at these sites


1. Awwwards – The premiere web designer award site

Awwwards boasts recognition and prestige for web designers. It is an opportunity for web designers to review great work in the field and to review other designers work, giving out recognition along the way, that designers can display on their websites if they like. I am grateful for stumbling on this resource and finding it got me looking for websites similar to Awwwards.



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2. CSS Mania – Knock the dust off of your designers cap

Css Mania does profile some of the same sites but only incidentally I believe. So many times it’s easy to get caught in a rut of the same layouts if you’re a web designer; websites like Css Mania knock the dust off the old thinker, and get you looking at things from a fresh perspective. Hundreds of designers are showcased with their most excellent projects, check it out for a quick looksy, and remember great artists steal.



3. Web Creme – Websites that capture the imagination

Web Creme Is another example of a great place to go scope layouts. Small business websites can get monotonous for users, but if you are looking to have a website redesign in Minneapolis, and you found me, the first thing I would do is see if you had any sites that you really liked. If you direct me to the coffee shop’s site down the road that’s adventurous as a trip to the dentist, I could probably create the boring site that you have in mind, but it’d be best if we could find a design that is an interruption for the viewer. By looking at excellent examples of web design we can start to formulate a modern and sales oriented website that captures people’s imagination, not put them to sleep.



4. Design Snack – Review and learn to describe what is excellent or ineffective

Design Snack probably doesn’t have as high as standards as Awwwards, or Css Mania, but it has it’s own strengths. It’s built so that you can submit your designs and people can vote on them in real time. Even when I’m looking at a design that is not absolutely excellent in my opinion, I find it important to note what I do and don’t like about it. What’s effective, what’s ineffective. To really move towards a greater understanding of web design it helps to use adjectives to describe what we do and don’t like. This exercise helps bring us closer to the style we aspire to.


5. The Best Design – Not just excellent sites; themes and designers are profiled as well

The Best Designs is built like a blog and has the added benefit of profiling not only excellent web sites, but also has a section for excellent WordPress themes, and for excellent website designers. Very clearly laid out and easy to use.


6. Css Design Awards – Crowns a Best of Web Design winner every month

Css Design Awards is like many of these sites, though I feel like it is superior in instant gratification, because there is basically a “crowned winner” every month and you can come back and see the best website design for say, August. Also it’s easy to see many thumbnails of the websites at once so that you can pick out one that interests you easily and check it out.


6. Web Design Inspiration – Filter results by Industry, Types, Styles and Colors

Web Design Inspiration is probably the most clearly named website for it’s purposes, and one of the better laid out ones for discovering excellent sites. It profiles incredibly modern sites and obviously has a passionate curator working to keep the content fresh. It boasts the Most Updated gallery since 2007 and it definitely looks to be so. You can filter results “all” or “only the best,” and “industries,” “types,” “styles,” and “colors.” It’s a very excellent resource for inspired web design.


All in all, when creating a website it’s important to be thoughtful about each decision related to the process. In reviewing some excellent examples of web design often a spark of inspiration can hit, and it can become like being part of the creation of a work of art, all parties grateful that they got to be involved. Usually this kind of radical design sells more stuff too. If you need a website for your small business or organization please contact me here so we can get started on inpired web design for you.


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