How important is face to face contact in a web design process?


by on December 9, 2016

How important is face to face contact in a web design process?


Well, I’ll tell you right off the bat – my favorite type of communication involves all of the senses. I want to look you in the eye and be able to touch your shoulder when in the process leading up to making a website for you.


Because I think that people communicate in more ways that just cold, impotent text. I think an e-mail isn’t as good as a phone call, a phone call isn’t as good as a skype conversation, and a skype conversation isn’t as good as sit down session over a hot cup of coffee.

That being said…

I don’t turn down clients that are out of state, or across the world. I personally just have created 30+ websites and have only had one successful freelance project with someone that was way far away. I’ve worked on many sites, modified them – as part of a broader team for a client that wasn’t in our state.

But it seems to me people who are looking for a freelancer, want a personal touch.

They want to have a personal relationship with their designer / their WordPress developer / their freelance digital marketing partner.

So can I? Yes. Do I? Not normally.

And if I did, I would make sure that we could do as close to in person as possible – therefore a Skype call, or a Facetime call, or a Google Hangout.

If you can’t meet up face to face with your website designer:

Be sure to share with them that communication is crucial for you. Have some kind of video chat with them where you talk through the important features of your website, and what it is that makes you special.

There’s nothing more disappointing than looking over a design and seeing that the person who made your site doesn’t really understand what you do – and what about it is so cool. It’s like having a pastor officiate at your wedding and he says one of your names wrong – thanks guy – this wasn’t important or anything.

Because I get that it’s really effing important to you

And it should be. Because it’s your business – your livelihood – and the thing that separates you but also connects you to the rest of the world. And if that business means groceries and quality of life for your family and the families of the people that work for you, your web designer should know what makes you special.

That process is best done in person, where you can sense the vibe of the person, pick up on more non-verbal cues and get communication done in the most efficient way that you possibly can.

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