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10 Tips on How to Rise from the SEO Bottom

Updated April 21, 2017
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Seo Tips

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

Seo Tips




10 Tips on How to Rise from the SEO Bottom

Nowadays search engines are getting smarter and smarter. And it seems that website owners are occupied with one single idea – how to outsmart them.

Indeed, getting top ranks to your site is extremely important if you seek how to boost sales and attract a target audience on a bigger scale.

There are several effective approaches to skyrocket your rankings, some of them are money-consuming. You can pay Google for the advertising, or hire a SEO company to bring you traffic, or pay other websites to advertise with them, etc. Alternative way supposes your own hard work and effort on SEO, which definitely saves your business money, but is time-consuming. But if you are ready for such challenge, this post is for you!

Follow these tips to optimize your site diligently and you have chances to rise from the SEO bottom.

1. Use WordPress treasures

Don’t hesitate to use all possibilities of your TemplateMonster WordPress theme. Most of them are already SEO-friendly ready-made decisions, so don’t invent a bicycle! Make sure you have activated useful plugins like Testimonials and Social options. Let your customers share their delights about the services and products. Let the social media users share your posts, images, infographics and memes, and so get a free advertising.

2. Don’t Overblog!

Blogging option is integrated in every WordPress template. But you don’t need to become an advanced 24/7 blogger, exhausting yourself with finding new ideas every day. Have a few top-notch posts than plenty merely good ones. Needless to say your posts should be relevant to what you do, grammatically correct and useful. Otherwise you can lose your readers. You can concentrate on creating reviews of services or produce in your sphere, and how-to articles. Your readers will love it!

SEO Blogging

3. Study your target group

In order to amaze your clients, you need to be a part of their world. Study their lifestyle, typical interests, income and level of education. Don’t be vulgar if you sell wedding dresses, no bride will appreciate it. Bear in mind that it is a big day, so solemn style will do. And definitely, don’t write like a Joyce if you sell car spares.

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4. Make use of your life story

If telling stories is painful for you, and you still oppose to hiring a professional blogger, try appealing to your personal experience. Let’s say you are mastering one of car dealer WordPress themes. So remember the time when you last bought or hired a car. Write about your genuine emotions and problems, be ironic or humorous, and provide real-life advice on what to do in similar situations. Show your visitors the real benefits they can have with you, but don’t be too pushy.

5. Let your reader linger on the site

Provide the visitors with the first-class, engaging content that will make them stay there for longer. It can be a promotional video which can convert visitors into customers. Don’t be tight-fisted and give away something like e-books, online tutorials or podcasts. People are bound to come back for valuable content again!

6. Keywords: better undo than overdo.

Keywords are extremely important. However, try not to overuse them (5-7 mentions are enough), otherwise search engines consider your article spammy and you will get quite the opposite result losing ranking. Make sure you vary your keywords, avoiding repeating the same words unless you want be boring and unnatural.

7. Length matters

Prefer longer key words with specific details on your business, even with location names, because it boosts your chances to be spotted by search engines. Instead of common “wedding dresses”, try using “Cambridgeshire wedding dresses tailoring” or “wedding dressmaking establishment in Essex”. Don’t be too modest if you want to stand out in a row, use modifiers like “best wedding agency” or “word sharpest wedding styles”.

8. In links we trust

Bear in mind credibility of your site. That can be reached simply by referring to relevant portal or reputable websites. This way your company will be associated with well-known brand. You might quote some representative of the big company and provide it with a corresponding link.

9. Links: inside the maze

Using internal links referring to your older posts is a really good idea. Show your readers there are many things you are ready to share. But don’t overuse this option and keep in mind that links must be working and the posts they lead to must be valuable. Otherwise the visitor’s experience on you site will be like trying to get out of the maze.

seo tips


10. Manus manum lavat.

It’s not just important it is advantageous to be friendly with others. You do somebody a favor; they do you a favor in return. If you repost somebody’s posts, news, comment on their blogs, they will do the same for you. So you build a solid professional network, which is beneficial for both sides.

Follow the tips above and you’ll be glad to see the SEO boost and your business becoming more prosperous.

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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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