How to Exceed Web Design Client Expectations Every Time


by on April 14, 2016

How to Exceed Web Design Client Expectations Every Time


There is this issue with web design services, that people generally want their website fairly quickly.

The most answer to “when do you want this done” is “2 weeks ago,” cue laughter. So it’s no wonder that sometimes the end of projects drag on a bit at the end, leaving a sour taste in some people’s mouths. The biggest problems facing the end of web design projects are:

  • Not a solid enough QA process, because some clients aren’t as picky and some are
  • Responsive testing is incredibly difficult to do on every device and browser without hiccups
  • Bad feelings surrounding scope creep – not clear enough expectations surrounding specific functionality to be clean and clear of expectations on all fronts.

There has to some very specific things in place to mitigate any negative effects of these issues:

  • No rushed jobs. The courage (and financial stability) to say no to unrealistic timelines.
  • A clear and partitioned out QA process for all major device sizes – Common sizes for Smartphone –  portrait and landscape, Ipad / Tablet size – portrait and landscape, small and larger computer screens.
  • A clear functionality list in the work order or proposal, and change orders created after a conversation with the client for anything that’s not on the functionality list and will require more than a couple hours to complete.

Usually some of these issues start to surface during the visual design process, and unless change orders are escalated quickly from designers to whomever needs to have an understanding conversation with the client, it will get swept under the rug and cause timeline issues. So escalate them.

As long as this baseline is in place have 2 or 3 small things that you do at the end of the project that delight so it’s clear your going above and beyond

  • Install analytics and set up tracking for them if you want.
  • If SEO wasn’t part of the job, but you want to help – Show them how to get the most out of that with a half hour conversation about best practices.
  • Give them some tools that you really like for ongoing digital marketing and show them how to use them.
  • Do their local directory listings for them to get them 50-100 backlinks out of the gate, if they don’t have directory listings yet.
  • Give them an hour of consulting on what you think their target market is and how to delight them, in an ongoing way with their new website.

By adding a couple extra’s at the end of a clearly defined process, you’re setting them up for success; and thus… yourself as well.  Not every project goes so smoothly, but my intention is always to think about the testimonial 3 months after the project, not just the end of project payment.



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