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It’s not just about how good your work is anymore, it’s also about getting your presence out there in front of your customer’s eyes so they can see your business.

  • We use keywords that are targeted to your audience. 
  • Targeted content that is made for potential customers to land on.
  • We give you ads that are appealing and more likely to be viewed by consumers. 
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Maintaining a business is hard work. There’s no getting around that. There are many different challenges outside of  just the marketing that are hard enough to keep up with, so knowing how to handle that side of the business can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Well, lucky for you, High-End Home Building PPC is here to help get your marketing back on track so consumers can find the best high end home builder that they deserve. Learning this type of marketing is possible if you have the time, but reality is, if you’re running a business, you just don’t have the time. Reach out to High-End Home Building PPC and lets start something special.

You work hard to maintain your business, so you probably want to stretch your advertising dollars as far as possible. That means there’s not much margin for error when it comes to paying for marketing. However, marketing is necessary to generate leads and expand your business.  

So, how much time can you commit to learning how to market your business effectively? There are a lot of components, including design, copywriting, and coding. Perhaps you could contract some aspects and do the rest yourself, but that still takes you away from the work that matters. 

Whether you’re frustrated with Google ads that don’t quite perform or hoping to branch out to social media platforms, like Facebook, we can help. Don’t guess or take chances with your marketing budget. Let our team of experts craft a custom campaign that actually works, so you can focus on running your business.  

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High-End Home Building PPC is a solid way for you to get your business and website more visible to audiences searching in your particular market. It gets your website pages to be on top of the search engine searches ahead of the organic ranking traffic so that it will be seen.

When you are looking for the “quick fix” to getting more visibility, this could be the option for you. Your pages will be put into the top of related search engine searches instantly so you can be seen. This works great if you are just starting an SEO campaign because that will take time to get up to speed, so this will be a good thing to have until you are up to speed.

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Questions and Answers about High-End Home Building PPC

If you’ve tried PPC before either on your own or have worked with another PPC provider, you may have had results that were less than stellar.

We take the approach of seeing what is working well and cutting out and improving the parts that could see better results.

Each approach is a custom approach based on your business and what is going to work for you. We customize each campaign and target the right audience.


With SEO, it is the steady approach of building up content and eventually get ranking. It is a process that is not going to be that instant result, but one that takes time. We like to think of it like an investment. It is something that will grow and become more valuable over time.

PPC is a much faster approach that will see results when you start your payments if it is done correctly. It can score leads quickly but will stop working right when you stop paying.

A good approach to take could be at the beginning of your SEO campaign, you could use PPC until the SEO campaign takes off and kicks into gear.

PPC ads are a nice strategy to implement if you are looking for quick results. Your content gets put to the top of the search results, but has a downside to it as well. When you stop paying for this, you will stop seeing results right away. Thats is why this is a good pairing with SEO so you could see results before the SEO takes off.

Pricing starts at $997 for budgets under $5000 and scales up from there.

We have monthly reporting in that where you are able to get updates on the progress of things. We are also happy to report more if that is something that you are interested in but have found that that is not really necessary outside of the monthly reports.


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