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30 Creative High-End Home Builder Names

By Bryce Boyle Hoban
Updated September 21, 2020
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home building names
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There are a lot of home builders out there, which means there are already a lot of great home builder names that are taken.

Don’t worry, though. If you’re looking to start a high-end home builder company, we’ve got you covered. Here are 30 creative high-end home builder names to use for your new business that can get the juices flowing and hopefully lead to you choosing the perfect name.

But first, let’s dive into why your name is so important.

Why Your Brand Name is an Essential Piece of Your Home Building Business

The best brands out there have such great names that also tell a great story. Some of the more popular and trendy companies out there today have unique, fun names. Consider brands like AllBirds, Apple, Nike, Peloton, La Croix, Google, and GoPro, just to name a few. While some companies may have names that sound overly corporate (“X” systems or “X” solutions, for example), some of the best names are clean and simple.

Homebuilding is an extremely creative industry, and your name should reflect that. Don’t be afraid to get a little unorthodox with your name while brainstorming. Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. There are no bad answers when it comes to creative brainstorms like coming up with a company name. The last thing you want to do is settle for something lackluster and then be stuck with it. Changing your name can be difficult, so you want to make sure that your name will withstand the test of time.

With that, here are some potential names to inspire you.

30 High-End Home Builder Names

lead generation high-end home builders

  1. Green Sky Builders
  2. Elegant Home Builders, Inc.
  3. Forever Home Remodelers
  4. Quality Builders and Remodelers
  5. Red Door Builders
  6. Blue Brick Builders
  7. Oasis Remodelers
  8. Outside the Box Homes
  9. Modern and Immaculate Homes
  10. Smart Shapes Homes
  11. Golden Apple Builders
  12. Authentic & Modern Builders
  13. Game Changer Home Builders
  14. Precise Builders
  15. Uniquely Unique Homes
  17. Rocky Mountain Homes, Inc.
  18. Base Mountain Construction
  19. Canoe n Paddle Homes
  20. Red Wood Construction
  21. Valley Mountain Homes
  22. Pure Bliss Homes
  23. Pennant Home Builders
  24. First Ascent Homes
  25. Anything But Ordinary Homes
  26. Essential Homes
  27. Gladiator Builders
  28. Modern Green Construction
  29. West Peak Builders
  30. Evergreen Designers

Once again, a good name is an essential part of establishing a strong brand. When it comes to choosing a good name, make sure to take your time. What might seem like a winner one day is easily surpassed by a new idea the next. Working with a branding or marketing team to help establish your brand is also a smart idea. The initial investment will be well worth it in the long run, as you’ll have a brand name and image that is built for success.

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