displays “Lorem Ipsum’, Web Designers take note


by on August 17, 2014 Lorem Ipsum displays “Lorem Ipsum’, Web Designers take note


This is not a political post: this fiasco only reminds us in the web design community that content should be integral part of our design process, not an afterthought to replace our dummy text.

Not that I’ve never used dummy text, but I generally try to design and request the content as I’m designing. This helps me craft how the design comes together and what needs to be emphasized. The content should help define the design as well, a powerful headline can take more presence, a sidenote gets it’s own formatting, things can become clearer and easier to comprehend. Lorem Ipsum

On the placeholder text still appeared recently when users reached “Web pages dedicated to ‘why health coverage is important,’ ‘how to appeal a Marketplace decision,’ ‘health coverage for military veterans’ and the unemployed, and ‘who’s eligible to use the Marketplace.’

In all, MailOnline found 13 mission-critical pages on the site that provided no meaningful information – just ‘Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet …’

Other affected areas of the site included ‘reporting income and household size,’ ‘health coverage for immigrants,’ what to do ‘if you have Medicare,’ ‘re-enrolling in the Marketplace’ and ‘Health coverage for incarcerated people.’
And users looking to ‘Renew or Change a Plan’ were met with a trio of online mini-chapters consisting only of the words: ‘Add bite content here.'”


This is not the first time something like this has happened. This has happened for Paypal, Apple, and Yahoo among lesser known companies.

NPR Had a page go public with ‘text goes here’ on it. Well it’s good to know where the text goes at least. Without this designers work, we would never have known.


Lorum Ipsum Fail

If Obamacare doesn’t have enough outspoken critics at this point, the design team that made this might find some more and give them the fodder they need to keep taking cracks. has been in the news recently when the cost was discussed and was said to have been over 600 million. Re-checking in on this discussion I found an article on that cited sources that would put the project closer to 70 to 150 million dollars.

Shoot, either way, where do I get this web project? Just kidding, I’d probably have left more than one page with Lorum Ipsum. I prefer making websites for small businesses.

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