Great places to guest post for High DA Backlinks


by on September 3, 2016

Great places to guest post for High DA Backlinks

Great places to guest post for High DA Backlinks


Great places to guest post for High DA Backlinks


Guest posting is A- Very useful for getting high-quality backlinks, B- a little time consuming. But I’ve identified it as one of the top things I can do for my websites visibility. If you’re able to write and have examples of your writing then you might find a home guest-posting at some of these high authority websites.

Start applying and getting the ability to post on these websites – on the free market a link from these sites will run you $100 – $1,000 with a lot of them landing in the $300 dollar range, so it helps to realize the importance of backlinking through guest posting and doing it yourself instead. That is if you’re up for a little work! What I wanted to curate here is not just ‘sites that accept guest posts,’ but sites where you can get a login and post on a regular basis. So here it goes:

The list – Great places to guest post for High DA Backlinks

Business:                    DA – 82       Link to apply to Guest Post                 DA – 80       Link to apply to Guest Post   DA – 62      Link to apply to Guest Post                           DA – 74      Link to Create an Account (Can Post)

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Lifestyle:       DA – 77       Link to apply to Guest Post

BlogHer                   DA- 86       How to Contribute


Tech:    DA – 59  Link to create an account (can post)                    DA- 71    Link to apply to Guest Post                           DA- 74      Link to create an account

MyCustomer                 DA- 58     Link to create account (can post)


Other High Authority Links to Get: / Forums                   DA- 100   Ask a question related to your site and link to it

Behance Writing w/ Link                    DA- 91      Link to create an Adobe Account


Things to consider when posting

  • Content still matters! Make it good.
  • Read their blog posts before reaching out- If there’s a pitching process, pitch it to them – cater to them.
  • Make sure to proof your posts before going live – especially if you don’t have access to edit later (it might be sad if you can’t fix a glaring mistake and it’ll make you less likely to promote.)
  • Promote your posts when they go live. (Even just one tweet will help your link index faster.)
  • Use contextual links and make the link back to your site critical to the meaning and significance of the post. If it’s incidental and awkward-seeming within the greater gist of the post – it will potentially be removed.

Other lists of great places to guest post:

I’m really focused on only sharing places that have allowed me to get in there, create an account and make it happen. A lot of other posts on ‘Places to guest post’ perhaps where you don’t get a sign-in. If you’re just really looking for awesome places to post – but don’t need a sign-in and the ability to regularly use an account here’s a list of awesome posts:

1. List of 50 Quality Sites that Accept Guest Posts

2. The Ultimate Lists to Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

3. The Grand List of Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

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