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Get into your analytics – Even if you have an agency [Video]

Updated April 30, 2019
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Get into Google Analytics even if you have an agency
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Get into your analytics – Even if you have an agency

– You care more about your success than anyone else ever can
– There are tons of interesting patterns in Analytics
– Find out where your conversions are coming from (and double down there)


Hey, how’s it going, it’s Tim Brown, and today on ConstructionWise, I’m gonna be talking to you about why you should get into Google Analytics, even if you have a marketing agency.

And here’s a couple reasons. Number one, I talk about this in my book, #growthhackathon, Digital Marketing on a Budget, check it out on Amazon, but I talk about it a lot in there. I talk about how no matter what, you are always gonna care more about your digital marketing success than any agency ever could, or any expert ever could.

That’s because you depend on your business, right? So that’s extremely important. Number two is, I’ve honestly heard of digital marketing agencies fluffing the numbers, which is really sad and honestly I think it’s rare, but I have heard that more than once, and you wanna make sure that they’re not doing that. Number three, there’s a lot of patterns that you might be able to decipher based on your understanding of the business that they might not.

So beneath in the comments, we’ve written a giant guide that will help you figure out the basics of Google Analytics, and give you 10 next steps for how to make changes based on Google Analytics on your website. So check that out, and if for some reason you just want a second opinion on your Analytics, send me a message at tim@hookagency.com. Alright, have a great week.

That guide link is – https://hookagency.com/google-analytics-basics

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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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