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2020 Modern Fonts | 7 Best Trendy Fonts 2020

Updated October 7, 2019
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Circular Bold - Best fonts of 2020

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

This year – you want some fresh new looks to add to your font palette, and I intend not to disappoint. Instead of going for 21 – 50 fonts like I sometimes do, I thought I’d curate only 7 of the best I’ve found. The truth is, you do not need MANY fonts if you have GOOD fonts.

The trends I see, going into 2020 – are bold, clean, and with clear contrast. Maybe even a little bit of awkward on purpose style that I showcase in font #2. Enjoy!

1. Publico ExtraBold

Bold Serif Fonts 

What is the principle at work here? Bold serif fonts exude positive, modern energy – without the sparse dryness of a sans-serif. Smart technology companies are learning to humanize their brand with some alternative looks, besides just the mechanically clean look of sans-serifs.

Publico ExtraBold - Modern Fonts 2020

2. Anonymous Pro

An Awkward on Purpose Sans-serif

This font pairs well with Druk below, and can be used in an artistic / Awwwards-esque vibe, that reminds me of the best of European UI/UX designers work. Obviously. it shouldn’t be used haphazardly and may be more of an ‘agency site only’ kind of look.

Anonymous Pro Font


3. Sentinel Screen Serif

A modern 2020 Serif that’s easy on the eyeballs

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A super well-composed and readable serif, Sentinel Book seems like it could be a very nice addition to any user interface designers playbook. My take on fonts in 2020 is that you really only need like 10 good ‘go-to’s’ to really round out your specific look, and Sentinel Book is in the running for my top 10.

Sentinel Book Font - Free modern fonts for 2020


4. Circular Bold

A super modern, versatile and simple sans-serif

Sure – “Circular” may have been redesigned into the interface of Spotify back in 2015, but I’m more of a ‘wait and see’ designer – I need my fonts to simmer for 5 years before I know they’re truly vetted. 😏Anyways, this font has a ‘familiar’ tone that people looking at your sexy new design will feel drawn to (partly because of the association with Spotify) and stands on its own as a ‘Gotham’ or ‘Proxima Nova’ competitor for 2020. *The crowd gasps… “it’s… it’s beautiful”*

Circular Bold - Best fonts of 2020


5. Druk Text Wide

Expressive headline font to be used sparingly

Once again, maybe more for my Dribbble account than any real client work – but I do love the vibe on the heavy-duty, slab-tastic sans-serif. I found Druk Text Wide on a gorgeous site featured on Typewolf, and I really look forward to working it into experiments at least.

Druk Text Wide - An expressive font for 2020


6. Cheltenham Bold

Another flawless, modern serif for 2020

Ok, so I have a type. This font couldn’t be executed any better had I chiseled an ideal font from stone on the top of a mountain. If I am buried in 2020, I want my gravestone to be done in Cheltenham Bold. Yes it was made originally in 1896, and it’s included in Adobe Fonts, but hey – just because it’s easily available doesn’t make this design any less glorious.

2020 Serif Fonts - modern fonts for 2020


7. Apercu Light

Colophon Foundry comes out swinging with this quirky sans-serif

I went in search of more quirkiness and found this glorious bastard. Apercu may not be your average sans-serif, but it might be a slightly more sophisticated alternative to Proxima Nova, if you know how to wield it correctly.

Apercu Light -fonts for 2020 graphic and web design



Certainly, I will be adding more fonts here for 2020 as I find awesome examples of fonts that will enhance your glorious creations. Personally, I will be using this post as a solid guide to come back to, in case I lose my way on the font path, and I’d love to hear your favorite fonts for 2020 below in the comments!

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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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