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25 of the Best Fonts for 2019 (Modern + Trendy, New Design Fonts)

Updated May 31, 2019
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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

Choosing classy – timeless fonts that work for 2019 and beyond is important. That’s why instead of focusing on ‘trendy’ fonts – I want to help you keep your font-choices tight, classy, and outside of what’s hip at the moment, but will be ugly next year.

And so… I’ve curated these 25 – as one’s I would use in our designs, and not feel embarrassed about the quality of the font – with an eye on the future of design, but mostly on the practicality and usefulness of these fonts for real designs, right now.

Here is My 2019 Font Mood Board


2019 Font Mood Board on Dark Background



1. Gotham Book & Gotham Bold – Download (Paid Font)



2. Archer Bold – Download (Free for Personal Use)


3. DDC Hardware & DD Hardware Condensed – Download (Free or Choose your Price)

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4. Gastromond Download (Paid Font)


5. Freight Text Pro & Freight Text Pro Bold Download (Paid font)



6. Matchbook Download (Free or Name your price)


7. Brothers Bold – Download (paid font)


8. Segui UI Black Download (free font)


9. Quincy CF Bold – Download (paid font)


10. Readow – Download (paid font)


11. Holland – Download (paid font)


12. Addington Medium – Download (paid font)


13. Atrek ExtraBold – Download (paid font)


15. Voga Medium – Download (free font)


16. Open Sans – Download (free font)


17. Brandon Grotesque – Download (paid font)


18. Geo Grotesque Bold – Download (paid font)


19. Playfair Display – Download (free font)


20. Cubano Download (free font or name your price)


21. Proxima Nova Download (adobe font)


22. Hansief Download (free font)


23. Crafter Rough – Download (free font)


24. Trade Gothic Display – Download (paid font)


25. Eveleth Clean – Download (paid font)



Even though not all of these fonts are new – they exemplify a modern, relevant style – that I think has it’s place in our ’25 of the Best Fonts for 2019′ post! I hope some of these were useful for you – and good luck on creating epic graphic and web design.


Did you find a cool image or logo you like, but don’t know what font they used? Plug it into one of these font identifier tools! With the use of massive font catalogs, and special font finder AI, these sites can give you numerous options to pick from just from one image.


WhatTheFont is powered by My Fonts, one of the largest collection of font search engines out there. WhatTheFont takes an outstanding catalog of over 133,000 font styles and matches it to your photo to find you a series of fonts that match. When you upload your image, WhatTheFont will section the image into ‘strips’ and you can specify the letter in the font you want to search. For best results, make sure you image is high quality, with horizontal imaging. You should get returned very accurate font results if you follow those guidelines. WhatTheFont also features mobile apps on Apple and Android, to allow you to identify fonts right from your phone’s camera!


WhatFontIs gives you an even bigger catalog of fonts to match with – over 550,000! For every high quality image you upload for search, the font finder will kick out over 60 different fonts that match. Guidelines for uploading your image are as follows:

  • Ensure there is only one line of text
  • Save the file in a supported format (jpg, png, gif, svg)
  • Maximum file size is 10MB
  • No special characters, only latin letters and numbers


Fontspring Matcherator is a very simple, but extremely robust font finder tool. Fontspring leads the industry in font discovery, and excels by allowing font matches with OpenType features, making finding fonts across platforms as easy as can be! Fontspring also features a tag refinement, allowing you to narrow down your results to even more specific looks. Tips to get the best font results on Fontspring:

  • Letters in your image file are large and clear
  • Letters are horizontal
  • If the font finder auto feature fails, switch to manually identify, and select all your characters
  • Skip letters that might lower accuracy, such as in special logos or designed characters
  • If no characters are found, adjust contrast and/or brightness to make the letters stand out from the background



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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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