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6 Flooring Marketing Agencies to Check Out

By Vincenzo Colosimo
Updated May 7, 2021
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Vincenzo Colosimo

Vincenzo, AKA Vinny, is a Copywriter and PPC Strategist for Hook Agency. He's focused on bringing you quality information that's also fun to read!

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In a world where and HomeAdvisor dominate the online market, digital marketing for flooring companies can feel hopeless. The flooring industry has no shortage of online advertisers with big budgets. If you own a flooring company and feel like you’re out of options for lead generation, it might be time to reach out to a flooring marketing agency.

What is a Flooring Marketing Agency?

Search Engine Optimization, website building, paid Google advertising, and content production, are just a few of the things that a digital marketing agency does to help their clients. A flooring marketing agency will do all those things as well, but they specialize in applying those efforts specifically to flooring businesses like yours. Additionally, some agencies cater to contractors or home service providers, and flooring companies would be included in that audience.

Trendy empty bare open plan industrial loft conversion with multiple windows, exposed metallic pipe ducts and a reflective highly polished wood floor. 3d rendering

If you’re looking to improve your online presence and get some quality leads in the process, check out these 6 Flooring Marketing Agencies.

Hook Agency

Minneapolis, MN

You guessed it, we’re one of those agencies that help flooring companies! We work with smart contractors to help them own their marketing. We are the ONLY contractor marketing agency that builds high-end websites and actually helps you get found on Google. We offer web design, SEO, paid Google advertising, and video marketing. We have a Google specialized team that’s dedicated to helping businesses like yours get high-quality leads. We have 57 5-star reviews on Google for a reason, schedule an intro call with us today!

Blue Corona

Charlotte, NC

Blue Corona is a home services marketing agency that offers “measurable marketing solutions”. This agency has a history with contractors and flooring companies in specific. They help flooring businesses increase their sales and leads generated through competitive analysis, website development, SEO, paid ad management, and more.

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Timmerman Group

St.Louis, MO

The Timmerman Group is a full-service advertising agency with a 4.9-star rating based on 37 Google reviews. They aren’t technically a niche marketing agency because they serve a range of industries and business sizes, but they do have experience with contractors and flooring companies. The Timmerman Group could be a good marketing agency option for your flooring business if you’re looking for more than just lead generation and web design. For example, they also offer branding services, logo design, graphic design, and more.


Offices in California, Texas, and New York

Scorpion is another home services marketing agency with an excellent track record in the contractor/home service space. They promise to, “build a strong and stable future for your home services company with a partner who has the marketing experience, technology, and team to make a difference.” Scorpion offers digital marketing services including SEO, web design, and PPC.

Greenbaum Stiers 

Reynoldsburg, OH

Greenbaum Stiers is a small “Strategic Marketing Group” that has a history with local contractors. They’ve worked with flooring companies and remodelers in the past and have some positive reviews about their service and expertise. Outside of digital marketing, they also offer branding and graphic design services.

Clicta Digital

Denver, CO

Clicta Digital is focused on helping home service providers achieve increased website traffic, leads, and sales. They do work with eCommerce, medical, and small businesses as well so they wouldn’t be considered a niche or specialty agency. Even though they aren’t a specialized flooring marketing agency, they do have experience working with flooring companies, plumbers, HVAC businesses, and other contractors.

For more information on marketing for flooring businesses, check out our other blogs here where we have lead generation, SEO, and general marketing resources. If you have more questions about digital marketing agencies for flooring companies, we’d be happy to help! Schedule a marketing call with us today!


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Vincenzo Colosimo

Vincenzo, AKA Vinny, is a Copywriter and PPC Strategist for Hook Agency. He's focused on bringing you quality information that's also fun to read!

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