Five examples of tacky-fabulous / bad on purpose websites


by on March 9, 2016

Websites that are bad on Purpose

Five examples of tacky-fabulous / bad on purpose websites


The art of the shitty website takes more than just a hacky coding skill-set and a bad eye for design. It requires an understanding of what beautiful design is so you can spit in the face of that.

Here are 5 amazingly bad websites – that appear to be – please god please be on purpose.

1.  Fresh Meat – Ad Agency Mother in NYC’s 2015 Internship site


Websites that are bad on Purpose

This gloriously bad site was clearly done on purpose, and I can’t help but marvel at it’s exquisitely painful vibe. Meat comes at you from all angles, people are covered in syrup and spinning gifs attack your eyes.

Here’s a full rundown of the hideousness that was






This has to be on purpose. It definitely hurts to look at, the twirling whiz-bang gifs everywhere on the page are a throw-back to all that was horrible about late 90’s websites, Angelfire, Geo-cities, etc. Do you remember that? The chicken walking along the twitter feed is obviously very important to the user experience on this site.

Check it out at



3. Jodi


Intentionally bad websites with gifs

This website really makes no sense, but it’s raw code feel and what seems like the schematics for some type of technological atrocity make it entertaining to poke around. Why did someone make this? I have no idea.

View it in all of it’s glorious pointelessness at



4.The Boohbah Zone


Hilariously bad websites - on purpose - tacky websites

Yes this one might not have been technically ‘bad on purpose’ but it does seem to be ‘ridiculous on purpose’, and for that I am grateful. The creator of the Teletubbies series made this when it appears he felt teletubbies was too dry and logical.

The best bubble to press is the second from the left in my humble opinion. Enjoy.

View a ressurrected version of ‘Boohbah Zone’ at



5. Medijate


Worst Best Websites on purpose - purposefully bad web design - Why do people make bad websites?


Probably my favorite ‘bad on purpose’ website that I found besides mother’s internship purely because I’m a fan of the psychedelic and this one surely seems to have required some experience with psychedelics to be capable of making it.

From what I’ve gathered the site is for meditation, except you’re suppose to meditate on all that is painful in the world. The visuals are pure hell-bliss, and for that reason if you poke around one of these sites, I’d highly suggest this one.

Check out the site at

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