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Key Numbers:

135.06% Increase in Pageviews from Organic Search | 3 Months over 3 Months

By helping Cornerstone Support increase their content in key areas, and earn some much needed backlinks from around the web – their existing website authority was amplified by this work and went even further because they’ve been around and gaining natural authority for years.

30.8% Increase in Conversions from Organic Search | 3 Months over 3 Months

Working with financial services companies is one of our specialties – and we love helping find more ways to nudge conversions higher, and in this case there were some obvious improvements that allowed us to get more conversions fairly rapidly. One key change being putting a call to action on every interior page.

Conversions from Search Engine Optimization in Financial Services

Key Challenges and Successes of Doing SEO for

Cornerstone Support is one of many companies – who often wants customers to call them, as they have a more nuanced offering that often is better worked out over the phone. Our improvements continually need to be optimized for this awareness and really facilitate phone-calls.

A huge piece of our success with Cornerstone so far is by looking at was working previously and earn links and we are working on building out more compelling content on these terms and topics. It’s all about fulfilling ‘searcher intent,’ – no matter how many words you have on a page for SEO-reasons, fulfilling searcher intent remains the biggest key to SEO in 2018 and beyond.

One of 21 five-star reviews on Google

"Tim designed a new website that captures the spirit of our company AND gets results. His whole process -- from initial meeting to launch - was seamless."

Dawn Reid, General Manager
Alpine Asphalt

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"Tim was able to sit down with us, understand our objectives and even guide us a bit when it came to driving conversions and making more money with our website."

Mandy Ebert, Art Director
Artful Living Magazine

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