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Financial Advisor Leads – 6 Ways to Get More Financial Advisor Leads Regularly

By Tim Brown
Updated March 8, 2018
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Financial Advisor Leads
Tim Brown
Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

If it was an ideal world, you’d have an endless supply of leads just waiting to gobble up your financial services. Unfortunately, lead generation and maintenance aren’t quite so simple in the real world. Finding ways to build your list of quality financial advisor leads consistently, though, is crucial to future business growth.

Aside from the usual advice of building a website with a blog and attached social media networks, we’re going to offer some actionable ways that you can generate regular leads for your business that can create the long-term strategy you need for success.


Financial Advisor Leads

Lead Generation Services

For business owners with little time for, or knowledge of, lead generation, outsourcing the task to a lead generation service could be the best way to free up some time and leave the prospecting to the experts. Lead generation services can act as a full support and marketing system for your business by helping you pinpoint your ideal audience and target client, creating sales funnels that spark an interest in your audience, and fostering new client relationships.

The downside of a lead generation service, though, is that it doesn’t have the personal touch that many potential clients may need to get to the point of becoming a lead. As a business owner, you should make time to provide initial consultations to prospects, guide them through your process, and get a deep understanding of what they need.

Still, using a lead generation service can be the first step you take to assist your marketing efforts. Allow your lead generation company to target the right people who have a good possibility of becoming financial advisor leads for your business. But, once they get to that point, be sure to take the reigns and provide the crucial personal touch they need to become clients.

Find Out Where Your Audience Hangs Out (And Go There!)

First, think about your niche. What demographic do you target in your business? Cultivating financial advisor leads can be much easier if you know where people in your target audience tend to get together in both the digital and real world.
If you target young Millennials interested in investing, for example, then you might want to offer some free presentations at your local community colleges. Or, hand out informational packets or white papers at high school and college job fairs with information to schedule a free consultation with you.

If you focus on managing investments for those already in retirement, then you might want to join online forums focused on retirees or create guest posts on favorite retirement-age blogs, like AARP.

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Create an Expert, Helpful Community of Your Own

You’ve now spent time hanging around other communities where your target audience lurks. As you continue to do that to foster your current relationships, grow new relationships, and establish yourself as a financial expert, you might also consider starting your own helpful community.
Interestingly, most Baby Boomers use social media, with Facebook being the most-used platform. So, if you target that demographic, your Facebook group that provides educational financial resources for retirees can give that demographic some significant insight into their finances while casting you as a necessary expert.

You can create forums that you link to on your website and advertise them on your social media channels, blogs, and email newsletters to grow your members. Or, if you’re more into visual or audio content, then perhaps a podcast or YouTube channel that provides financial tips to prospects is the best avenue for you.

Whatever type of community you choose to build, you should ensure that you keep it active and remain the primary point of contact in it. After all, you know your business best and can give your leads the most thorough advice.

Grow and Leverage Your LinkedIn Network

Research shows that LinkedIn is a powerful way to drive sales to businesses. In fact, B2B companies get more than 80 percent of their leads through LinkedIn, more than Twitter, and Facebook combined! Even if you’re a B2C company, you can likely find similar success using your LinkedIn network.

Don’t be afraid to make connections with other financial advisors. Yes – that means connecting with your competitors! When you do this, you signal to others that you’re interested in hearing what they have to say, and you admire their success. Plus, you give other financial advisors a chance to read your LinkedIn content and learn about your success, which can do wonders for establishing your authority in the industry.
You might also want to create a group that targets your ideal customer. If you’re going to target retirees who wish to grow their retirement funds, create a group that focuses on investment strategies for people in, or nearing, retirement age. Be sure to invite other advisors in your network, too, to help create an active group of experts.

Create Clear Calls-to-Action on Blog Posts

Having a blog on your financial advisor business website can have a significant impact on what your audience does when they reach your site. About 77% of internet users read blogs and they do so because blogs can help them with some type of question or need they have. You have the power to answer your prospects’ questions through your blog posts and encourage them to act on their interest in your services.
A call-to-action is one of the most crucial pieces of a helpful blog post. The call-to-action consists of just a couple of sentences at the end of the post that encourages someone to take a specific action. To generate financial advisor leads, you can invite readers to contact you for a free consultation or urge them to call your office to inquire about your services.

This method fosters warm leads that have a more significant potential than cold leads to becoming regular clients.

Generate Leads Via Email

Don’t underestimate the power of your email newsletter. Virtually any business can generate leads through its email network if you create something valuable that people want but have to enter their email to receive. With that list of email addresses, you grow your list of people who might be interested in your services.

eBooks are powerful valuable resources for which people will gladly fork over their email addresses but only if they deem its content worthy of their time. It’s a good idea to search Quora and Reddit for questions your potential clients are asking about their financial strategies. Then, answer those critical questions in your free asset you’ll give away in exchange for an email address.

Once you have a growing list of emails, you can start writing emails that link to your blog content or entice people to schedule a free consultation with you.

Conclusion: Getting Consistent Leads as a Financial Advisor

Gaining a steady flow of leads as a financial advisor takes work. But, once you find a rhythm, you’ll notice that you spend less time cultivating leads and more time working with people who are genuinely interested in you and your services. Slow and steady wins the race; dozens of quality leads are better than thousands of iffy leads that may not ever lead to a sale.


Watch this quick video to see how savvy businesses save time and hook better leads:


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Tim Brown
Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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