Excellent Modern Fonts Series: 8 Modern Script Fonts


by on April 28, 2014

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Excellent Modern Fonts Series: 8 Modern Script Fonts


Doing Minneapolis WordPress design, web development, and conversion rate optimization offers plenty of opportunities to look for excellent script fonts. So when I come across them, it’s important to note them so I can come back to them later – here are some modern script fonts worth noting.

Wisdom Script - - Script fonts for today, modern use. Modern Script Fonts

Wisdom Script has a flowing excellence to it, and is a tasty start to this list of modern script fonts. It’s hard angles on the ends give it a touch of edge on it’s otherwise elegant freshness.

Download Wisdom Script (free)

Thirsty Rough - - Script fonts for today, modern use. Thirsty Rough is coming up quick. This a very hip and could be an appropriate font for a lot of design problems. I’d say if you use it sparingly it could be a good companion on your journey, and a tool to wield when the task calls for a textured, impressively well done script.

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Download Thirsty Rough (49$)

Signerica - - Script fonts for today, modern use.

This font is great for some kind of wordmark… if modified. I used this on logo design, added a stroke and modified it heavily so it was more readable and boldly expressive. That being said, this font can be a really cool add to the arsenal.

Download Signerica (Free)

Pacifico - - Script fonts for today, modern use.

Pacifico… A lobster alternative. I’m not sure that you all know the tragedy of the font “Lobster,” but it is like the Macklemore song ‘Thrift Shop’.. overplayed. More designers coming into the industry abuse the Lobster font than any other sometimes it seems. Pacifico has a refreshing similarity, but remains it’s own in an enduringly and slightly tropical way.

Download Pacifico (Free)

Cezanne Pro - - Script fonts for today, modern use.

Cezanne reminds me of a coffee shop, I can’t remember which. It could be used for Law Firm, a Bank, or something historical. It has an air of credibility about it, but I would say it should also be used in moderation.

Download Cezanne (Free)

Aquiline Two - Script fonts for today, modern use.

Aquiline Two has that same mystique but maybe plays a little more on the edge of something you’d imagine being tattooed on someone. Both Cezanne Pro and Aquiline Two could be appropriate as a title or a wordmark, particularly if you are open to modifying them in some way.

Download Aquiline Two (Free)

Bello - Modern Script Fonts - Small Caps

Oooo-La-La, I haven’t found an appropriate place to use this yet, but to me it has a light airy-ness, and a cheery disposition. I definitely see myself using this font. Now I just need to find someone who needs a beach party invite, a skater girl brand, or a brand for a high end line of hair products.

Download Bello Script (Free)

Dark Roast - Script fonts for today, modern use.

I just found out about this font, but it really gives me a good vibe. To me it feels like an updated version of Cezanne. Definitely a solid add to my list of modern script fonts.

Download Dark Roast (Free)

Speaking of which have you seen the updated version of Comic Sans.. Comic Neue? It’s actually pretty awesome (and free.)

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