E-commerce web design
"In 6 short months we have seen a 300% increase in sales by online traffic, a greater return than we had ever imagined." - Brad Lorence, Bank Systems Marketing

E-Commerce Web Design

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Do you want to sell more products? Do you know the way your site is designed and developed can make it much more likely your shop will convert visitors to customers?

  • We specialize in making websites that sell
  • Websites are built on WordPress and WooCommerce
  • We can help handle payment gateways & connect to 3rd party fulfillment systems.
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Is your website built to get maximum orders?

We’ve been studying and monitoring websites and making changes based on data to get more sales. We can take that data from across industries and through A/B testing, user testing, and analytics and creative experiments – and apply what we’ve learned to your new website.

We can wield this knowledge to your advantage so that your website can be built to showcase the uniqueness of your products and nudge people to order now more often.

So if you want people to buy more on your site, and partner with someone who is constantly learning and improving on techniques to drive more traffic and get more sales – press the button below to get started.

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Creating an effective store – requires getting people to trust your site.

There are elements that can be placed prominently to help people feel comfortable taking the next step to buy. Things like an SSL Certificate badge, Free & Fast Shipping badges, clear and obvious reviews, and lots of visuals to showcase the quality of the products.

I help guide companies how to feature the right elements in a way that makes it more likely to get sales.

Is it a subjective process? Initially it can be – but if you’ve worked on and been responsible for increasing sales for as many sites as I have you start to see emerging patterns and those patterns help you change the style and elements on a site. Those principles then become the foundation for how you create Ecommerce websites going forward, giving me a major advantage.

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Questions and Answers about E-Commerce Web Design

E-commerce web design refers to any website that sells products on the site. Usually this involves having various shopping pages, a cart, a checkout system, and e-mails that go to the purchaser after buying.

SSL’s allow encryption of the data so that as people type in there credit card information that it’s much less likely that the information will be intercepted by people with ill-intent. Presenting some kind of obvious evidence that you have an SSL certificate and any other security solutions on your website will get more sales because people feel more comfortable giving their information on your site (if your also trying to

WooCommerce is a great E-commerce web design tool, but many use Shopify or Magento as well – it really depends on your specific situation, how many products you have etc.

We love WooCommerce because it’s built on top of WordPress, an incredible Content Management System that is one of the best options of open-source development, SEO, and the plugins that people are often putting out for free or reasonable prices.

WooCommerce might not be the best way to do it if you’re trying to do it yourself, but is amazing if you’re working with a WooCommerce developer, do some basic insights discovery with a marketing and web development company and find out what’s best for you.

  •  Shopify – Built on Ruby, you can run it for eCommerce on an existing site, great backend and solid with SEO. Shopify can be a great option for doing E-commerce web design yourself if you have a lot of time to spare, to build it out.
  • Squarespace – Has E-commerce options, but is a bit more of a black box solution without alot of ability to modify.
  • Magento – For bigger e-commerce shops with over 500 SKU’s. Definitely the enterprise solution for e-commerce web design.
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