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When you make an investment in a website, you want your website to earn you real customers and create a return on investment for your business – we have helped countless companies turn their website into a traffic magnet, and we can do it for you as well.

  • We make technical changes so the site is easily crawled by search engines
  • We help you target your content based on keywords
  • We help you get more links to your site – which also help you rise to the top of Google results.
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Technical Changes

We make technical changes on your website to help it rank better on Google, and report back monthly on what we've done and will do, as well as important 'Key performance indicators' like traffic and leads

Targeting for Keywords

We can assess your competitors websites, and look for opportunities based on what they are ranking for – and target your website better for these items, as well as help you build out content based on the opportunities.

Building Backlinks

We know ways to get more links from other websites back to your site – getting high 'domain authority' backlinks has consistently voted the top factor in whether websites rank high for a given term or not.

Duluth SEO that actually drives serious traffic –
earning you more business.

We understand Google’s algorithms and are constantly finding new ways to take advantage of the way Google games the system – what it’s looking for, and what we need to have on your website to get your website listed higher in results. Call us, the wizards of Google results – (or just call us nerds), but this is our job and we are studying how we can help our clients grow their client base through organic search traffic.

If you want to partner with us – we only work with companies that we know that we can for sure help them make significant improvements and who will financially 10x what they spend with us, if they were higher in search results. This way – we keep our rating high on Google, and our reviews stellar. Let us know if you’d like to chat about how you could get take advantage of our Duluth SEO services today.

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Duluth SEO Services to help turn your website into a traffic magnet

Nothing says ‘the best possible option on the market’ than a #1 Google ranking for the thing that makes your company the most money. We specialize in helping hungry companies turn their marketing dollars into high organic search ranking.

With paid ads – you get a temporary boost that stops immediately when you stop spending money. With organic SEO you get a long-term solution that has a much more significant ‘half-life’, meaning that even if you stop pursuing SEO so aggressively (as we do for you), the benefits last to some degree for a long time.

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Questions and Answers about Duluth SEO Services

SEO – which means Search Engine Optimization is really just the process of better positioning your website so that Google finds it valuable.

Sometimes that means creating useful content so that more people can learn about your services and so it can even be a positive thing for humanity. It also means finding ways to get other websites to link to you – whether that be through ‘guest posting’ articles on their site, finding partnerships, press release distribution or directories.

Getting to the top of Google is valuable.

And as such, it’s the most valuable for clients of ours that sell something that really has a high-profit margin, and perhaps a high price tag – that doesn’t mean the local dry cleaners can’t benefit from SEO as well. It might be quicker to use SEO to get to the top of Google for dry-cleaning services, but harder and longer to get to the top of Google for wealth-advising, luxury home building or other higher margin, higher value terms.

This doesn’t mean it’s not worth it to rank, in fact, the opposite is true – but it may mean there is thicker competition because of the high reward for ranking in these categories. Nonetheless, we love helping companies in an ongoing, aggressive, and sustained effort to keep your company at the top of Google results – our Duluth SEO can be custom-tailored to your unique needs while implementing our systematic, consistently effective approach that has worked for many other companies.

We use a custom dashboard for your business to monitor our success, and the dashboard focuses on our next steps, and the actual amount of contact form submissions, phone calls or e-commerce sales that a client receives for the month.

We love helping clients determine what a lead from their website is worth so there is accountability, transparency, and understanding of the R.O.I. that comes from our services. We insist on this and we thrive off of it. It’s not uncommon for companies to come away from the first couple months working with us with a much deeper understanding of how their website converts visitors into leads and what that means for their bottom line. We love this – and learn a ton from each of our clients as well.

We love working with smart entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketing directors – and would love an opportunity to chat with you about your business and what Duluth SEO could do for you. Contact us now.

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