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We’re your go-to for ensuring your website ends up on the 1st page of search results and ranks higher on search engines, ultimately earning you more patients, more referrals. You may make critical mistakes when you operate without 0% percent experience – costing you more money, time, plus no results.

However, our PPC consultant team at Hook Agency will scale your business from zero to 100 – real quick. Here’s how:

  • We use precise keywords and put you in contact with quality patients
  • We create ads that have a massive impact on the ads click-through-rate
  • We are ‘hooked’ by years of experience and mean business + no nonsensical fluff 
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Dental PPC That Are ‘Drilled and Cleaned’ for You

Don’t worry ever about the money you might pay for a consultant. Instead, you’re wasting time with Google trying to do it all yourself. We will help you launch and monitor all your ad campaigns, making minor tweaks that could boost your sales.

When you turn your marketing efforts over to our PPC consultants, you’ll be able to prioritize other important tasks of your dental practice. Additionally, if you have not teamed up with a PPC expert before, we know it’s hard to know what to expect.

That’s why we are here for you – from the first call through regular meetings right till the final launch. We will draft a roadmap that explicitly shows your end goals and milestones to stay on track.

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Want Dental Ads That Get Clicked On and Landing Pages that Convert?

There are many PPC consultants out there claiming to be ‘the best.’ But have they worked with those in your niche before? They may not even have the right PPC tools that work together to enhance your campaigns’ efficiency.

But we do. Not only that, but we carry a diverse portfolio that proudly features dentistry clients. While you focus on caring for your patients offline, we will be one step ahead of you – online.

Hold on to your toothbrush there because we’ll do all the brainwork related to intelligently implementing paid marketing tactics! You need to cut down on expenses, increase conversion rates, and gain more search engine exposure, and we are here to help.

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Questions and Answers about Dental PPC

Yes, PPC really works! In fact, paid advertising offers a 200% ROI, so as not to hire a PPC expert would be a near-death experience for your practice! We have seen leads flood in from all our client’s ad campaigns and used them ourselves.

However, we beg the question of whether YOUR PPC ads work? Depending on your business needs, we will tailor a plan to wield Google’s Ad platform to get your ads in front of the right patients.

We want your dental practice website to get results and we believe in going steady but surely. That is, we pride ourselves in building up slowly and in this way, for example, every little off-putting keyword won’t be overlooked. We’re just as serious as you are about targeting your spending in a more effective way than other PPCs who go big but come home with nothing.

Visual/display ad design is also part of our deal for your PPC campaign. We’re staffed with coders to designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, and Dental PPC/Google ad specialists. Through PPC Marketing, you will instantly increase your online visibility and earn a great return on your investment by drawing in new patients directly to your webpage.

PPC differs from SEO in that you pay Google (or Bing) to be ranked nearer to the top of search results. SEO is about making adjustments to your website’s content to gain visibility also at the top of search results. Both share the common goal of getting your name in front of prospective patients’ eyes when they are searching online for dental servicing. We highly recommend running a campaign that incorporates both key ingredients because we believe you should be shown 4 times on the first page.

We recommend always planning your strategy on paper (and in your sleep – big planners are big dreamers after all) before you open up any ads account. Here are a few things to consider for the process: 

  • Ask yourself how many new patients do you want to acquire: It’s best to limit yourself first with the number of patients that you can handle. Otherwise, if your campaign takes off, you could end up with too many patients lined up outside your door.
  • Determine the types of patients you want to attract: You should consider whether you want families with kids, or just adults. Also, how about their income? Would you rather target patients earning above a certain pay range, or do you want to take on people willing to pay more for a premium dental service?
  • Train your staff with the most updated information: ‘Drill’ your team on your advertising plans since they are your business’s backbone and are mainly helping to bring in the new patients. For example, equip your receptionist with all the necessary details since they make most of the phone calls and email outreach. They need to know what they should ask so you can track your conversion rate.

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