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"Was hesitant at first with the complexity of my industry (Medical Information Technology), but they have far exceeded expectations with research and content development." - Greg Toler, Mediucs IT

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Content marketing is an essential part of any business — no matter how big or small.

When done correctly, content marketing will allow you to connect, educate, and build trust and lasting connections with your ideal customers — in addition to encouraging conversions and driving sales.

Creating a strategic content marketing plan — one that is paired with your SEO strategy — will help you gain a huge competitive advantage over your competition.

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Keyword Driven Content

Writing content for the sake of having words on your website is not a long-term solution. Instead, you have to have intent behind each blog post, every landing page, and all the headlines on your site. 

In addition to providing value for current and prospective customers alike, we want each and every blog post and landing page to rank highly on search engines. To ensure this, we use in-depth keyword research tools and tried and true SEO tactics to find out what is being searched on Google.

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Content Revolved Around Your Ideal Customers

We take the time to understand not only your business but your customers as well. We create ideal customer personas that dive into their pain points and the problems they are having that leads them to you. 

We then create potential topics to go after in your content based on these problems — backing up these ideas with keyword research to ensure relevance. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating content that your customers will find helpful.

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Rolled Out Consistently

If you’re publishing content once every month, you’ll likely have a hard time being found organically through search. You also won’t be providing as much value to your customers than if you were publishing weekly.

That’s why we create content calendars that layout the plan for each month in terms of which content will be created and then published.

Consistent content is good content.

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Questions and Answers about Content Marketing

With our initial kick-off meeting, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your ideal customers, what the problems they have are, and what drives them to work with you.

Using both a creative and data-driven approach backed by keyword research, we identify keywords and topics to write about — creating an in-depth content calendar that is targeted at your ideal customers.

Quality, well-written content is extremely beneficial for your search engine optimization — especially when that content features keywords that your customers are searching for. When certain blogs or pages are ranking high for a keyword, they will get clicked on more — and Google notices that.

To simply put it, Google rewards websites that have content that void of grammatical errors, are dense with keywords (but not overly saturated), and are high in quality.

I recently saw a post describing how the demise of content marketing would be a great thing.

This post got me thinking about my role in the creation of web content, and whether it’s truly valuable, and will stand the test of time. I was already thinking about writing this post, but didn’t want to be to risque to other people in the industry, but JR Hennessy’s post both annoyed me and spurred me on. His title “Content marketing is ruining the web. Its decline will be poetic justice” is click-bait. With a subtitle of “The blight of search engine optimisation, the toxic fuel which propels the internet forward, needs to be eradicated for mankind to reach its true spiritual potential” the article is merely a way to get people in, and then essentially flips the script and says ‘not really, but maybe.’

JR says that he is part of the hoard of content marketers on the internet and that with Google’s changing algorithms, content marketers are scurrying to catch up and not get left behind.

To me, this just solidifies me in the way I had been thinking about it before; put out the best, most useful content you possibly can for your prime demographic and let the cards fall where they may. Keywords are not going to carry the same kind of weight that they once had because of changes to Google’s algorithm, and once sneaky content strategists come up with a new way to game the system in whatever regard, the algorithm will change again.

You can keep on trying to play cat and mouse, trick or treat with a technology Behemoth or just understand what their end-game is, be a team player and create content that’s actually useful for people, and relax a bit.

Think less about what Google wants, and think about what your customer wants.

Google is essentially trying to serve the person searching the best possible results that it can come up with. So yes, you can find niches where your content is reaching the customer best, and capitalize by creating more content, but you should always be writing and creating that content with the customer in mind. Key-word stuffing, content marketing blather that’s not really of value to anyone is poised to waste peoples time. If you were able to master the algorithms that the internet gods have presented us with today, than you should be smart enough to create a piece of content that enhances my life in some way. Whether it be spiritually, socially, financially, or whether it just stimulates my mind with thought-provoking questions, a quote, an idiom, or a story.

If anything it’s crazy that a corporation like google can essentially incentivize people on such a grand scale to try to create quality content. A youtube video, an infographic, a blog article; the more useful the better. I challenge you to think of another corporation that’s set its business model up in such a way that it almost forces people to create more and better content to try and keep up with it.

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