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Construction Leads + Remodeling Contractor Leads Guide

Updated October 7, 2019
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5 ways to get more construction leads

We can all tell a great website when we see it: it’s orderly, professional and encourages users to hang around and discover more about the organization. However, that doesn’t guarantee that your site visitors will automatically consider using your construction services. For most residential construction companies, your website is your window of opportunity to make more sales. Most potential clients will come across your site from Google or Yelp, but it’s your content that will assure them that your services are worth their time.


5 ways to get more construction leads

Many in the construction business miss business growth opportunities because they lack alignment between marketing and sales. You may be investing your time and effort into branded collateral, trade shows and your social media, but your marketing may not be converting any new leads. The following strategies will help you get new leads and a leg up on your competition.

Here are the first five things we suggest – but download the full guide for every strategy

1. Create Engaging Content

Most people look to experts for engaging content. Develop a blog about your residential construction business accessible from your website. A continuous flow of new and engaging content will move your website toward the top of search engine results pages. If you try to invest in construction lead generation without developing your unique content, you will always attract low-quality leads. Engaging content will make your prospects feel like they are making intelligent decisions for their construction solutions.

Engaging content may include:

Photos – Before and after photos can be a real deal breaker for new prospects.

Videos – An excellent way to stay on top of the marketing curve. How to’s, FAQs and educational videos are easy to create, and add value to your market.

Case studies – Featured projects are a perfect way of showing and explaining to your prospects how you handle your projects and the outcomes you deliver to your customers.

Consumer Awareness Guides – This content will assist in educating your market and also helps them in the process of decision-making.

2. Advertise

Since you already know your niche, the next thing is putting that knowledge to use. If you are carrying out remodeling work in a certain neighborhood, try placing locally targeted advertisements in as many places as you can – social media, Google ads or even on more traditional billboards. When selecting a construction firm: potential customers will want to ascertain that you have done some great work previously. They want a brand they can trust.

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3. Contact Your Clients And Prospects

Call your clients, prospects or referral sources each week instead of leaving messages. You can also create time to meet several prospects, clients and referral sources in-person once a week. Try using Remodelers AutoPilot app to help you stay in touch with your former customers, leads and prospects. By staying in contact with them, you will keep your construction company fresh in their minds and open new opportunities for yourself.

4. Focus On One Segment Of The Market

Carry out some analysis and select one section of the construction market to concentrate on. If you narrow your focus on a single market, you can generate content specifically for that market. Once you make relevant content, your users are in a better position to connect with your offer. Moreover, having this focus enables you and your firm to focus on those clients and projects that are more rewarding, more enjoyable, more profitable and less stressful.

5. Be Available For Your Construction Clients

Being available means that all your channels of communication are open, and there’s someone available and ready to take the calls of your customers and prospective buyers at all times. Do not allow your email account to remain messy with unread messages or your Twitter account to waste away. Your fast and timely response means that your clients will be glad you can solve their construction problems quickly and it will lead to better reviews and an upper hand on your competition.

Regardless of the strategies you decide to push on, sticking to your plan until it becomes a habit will guarantee your success. Habits often take effort to maintain, but they produce great results in the long run. So have a plan, stick to it, and you will get more leads than you can handle.

Frequently asked questions about getting more construction leads

What’s the #1 thing I can do to get more construction leads?

The basics of helping people find you are somewhat simple – you need new, useful content and landing pages on your website that are targeted for specific terms people are Googling, you need to get more links back to your site from around the web because it helps Google know they relative importance of your site, and you need to find strategic ways to pay for visibility on Google remarketing, and Facebook promoted posts.

This is a good start

Do I need to hire a professional marketer to get more leads?

You don’t need to hire someone like me to do your marketing, it’s just that marketing experts (particularly ones that have specialized in construction marketing) will allow you to move more quickly on these types of strategies, and allow you to spend more time on what you’re best at – running your construction business.

How can I get endless construction leads on autopilot?

Working with a lead generation company that knows your industry in and out can significantly improve your chances of turning on the lead flow, much more so than a large corporation like HomeAdvisors or Houzz. Because a lead-generation or SEO company like Hook Agency works with you and ONLY YOU in your area. We create exclusive partnerships for a particular service and don’t take any new clients in that area – then help create content and get links back to your site from around the web – the two biggest pieces that help with getting higher on Google. We also know how to help you get more phone calls and contact form submissions by making tweaks in your website design – this process is called ‘Conversion Rate Optimization,’ and we’ve seen amazing construction company owners who have told us “we are getting so many leads, we don’t even know what to do with them all.” Send us a message today if you’d like to move towards that kind of future.

Does a brand / logo matter in getting more construction leads?

Does your name and brand/logo say what you want it to about the quality of work you do?
You may think it doesn’t matter but does your ideal customer care?
The data would say that they do. A group of women er polled and asked if the aesthetic of a website would drive them away if it was done poorly – and 73% of them said it could. They said they would ‘click away’ if they felt the look of the website reflected poorly on the quality of the company.
Just the look of your companies marketing can attract or repel.
The name matters as well – Advertising magnate Ogilvy puts it this way “What’s in a brand name? Perhaps everything, or at the very least a brand’s identity – its personality, values, recognition, and reputation. It differentiates you from your competitors and gets customers interested or at least curious. The name is not the brand, but a shortcut to the brand promise. Sometimes, the brand name is so apt and describes what it does so well that customers call all similar products by the same name. Google is the universal term for internet searches, Saran Wrap in the US for all plastic cling film and Hoover in the UK for all vacuum cleaners, and as a verb to describe the process.

If you’re still not sure then apply these 5 tests to check your brand out.
Is it short and easy to understand, remember, pronounce and spell?
Does it use figurative language that creates the imagery you want?
Does it resonate with your target?
Does it stand out, or can it be confused with other brands?
Can it be shortened or abbreviated in an acceptable way?

Customers build brands, not companies. They give brands value by developing perceptions and expectations for those brands. Your brand name is shortcut to these associations. A brand name should be easily remembered, catchy, explain what your product does as well as communicate the message you want to send. What does your name say about you?

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