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Make Events Happen, or Be Part of Events – Construction Event Marketing

Updated March 10, 2019
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Make events happen, or be part of events
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Events and in person things are the #1 way to build a business, because people hire people to do work – that they like, know and trust.

1. Parade of homes in Minnesota is insanely powerful… people get like 5 homes from doing this.
2. Be part of your round-tables (like NARI in MN) and soak up info from others like you.
3. Go to trade shows, builders shows, mingle – and find complementary services.


Hey, it’s Tim Brown, the Construction Company marketer. And today I’m gonna be talking about how to make events happen or be part of events on Construction Wise.

So events and in-person meetings are the number one way to build your business and it’s because people do work with people that they like, know and trust. And in-person hangouts and building rapport face-to-face are extremely important when it comes to this. So, the number one way that you can do this, in my opinion, is to do home shows.

So for instance at Minnesota, the Parade of Homes is insanely powerful and people can get like three to five homes off of this. And whatever in your niche and your specific aspect of construction, there are ways to get around people.

So, number two, I’m gonna suggest being part of round tables. Like for instance, NARI in Minnesota is for remodelers, it’s a great way to soak up information from others like you.

And number three. Go to trade shows. Builders shows. Exhibits. Mingle and find complimentary services to yours. People want to refer others’ business, it makes them look good. So, if you become friends with them, if you become acquaintances with them you build these relationships.

And relationships and referral partners, it’s a massive way to build your business and I think another thing is just figure out ways that you can refer more business and these in-person meet ups and these hangouts are a wonderful way to find those people too.

So thank you for watching and I hope you guys get out to more meet ups and personal face-to-face events with other people and possible referral partners and join us for the next episode of Construction Wise. Bye.

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