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We focus our Chicago web design services entirely on R.O.I. for our clients, and making sure they earn actual customers from the website we make for them.

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Business owners often come to me and tell me – ’I tried to make due with a cheap web design, but they were absent / went out of business / were hard to get in contact with.’

There are a ton of ‘fly by the night’ companies out there that are either flimsy businesses, someone’s side-job, or they actually don’t have your best interest in mind.

We work with companies that have decided to finally take their marketing to a professional level. We serve Chicago with our web design services – because we are not far away, and we feel we can offer extremely high value for the price in that market.

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Do you need Chicago web design that actually earns customers?

Nothing says “we don’t care about the quality of service we offer”, then having an old or outdated website. This reflects poorly on who your company is as a business – it doesn’t look professional.

We have helped countless companies make the switch to a more effective and powerful online platform with our WordPress web design services.

We’ve focus on WordPress so that you can edit your website easily, the website has the right structure for SEO, and you can add new tools and manage your own website if you want to.

If you want to add new articles or change team members and service descriptions, it’s about as easy as editing a Microsoft Word document. Get started now, and we’ll show you how we create powerful, open-source websites – built to earn you customers.

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Questions and Answers about Chicago Web Design

WordPress is one of the most widely supported Trust factors and call to actions.

Trust factors = the badges, testimonials, reviews, organizations, awards, pictures and clear contact information that make it easy to trust your company – along with clear information about your product or service that demonstrates why it’s different than your competitors.

Call to actions = Many websites don’t have obvious next steps throughout the site. We want people to be able to get where they need to go. We want them to find new opportunities in your site and it’s never a bad thing to nudge them in that direction.

If the main thing you want people to do on your site is to contact you – there should be a big bold button at the top ‘calling to action’ for visitors, and a section at the end of each page that visually showcases this next action with a button as well.

Don’t spend more than you’ll think you’ll make! But seriously, if you are a million to three million dollar company that stands to benefit from a marketing-centric site.

It would be wise to try to spend 20k-40k on a website, 5 million to 50 million you might be more likely to spend 25k to 50k, and beyond 50 million doesn’t always mean you have to spend over 100k on your website – it really depends on what a website can make your company.

If it really can make you a lot of money – INVEST in a good one. A lot of the work really should be going towards figuring out how to market the website, not just the initial build.

A website can take anywhere from 2 months to 1 year, whereas the average process we work on with clients is 100 days – with time for a dedicated visual design process and iteration with feedback from the client, and a custom development process with time for iteration from the client, and content entry.

100 days from start to finish – We’re your Chicago web design partner that cares about getting it done right AND in a timely manner.

The average lifetime of a well built website is around 5 years, depending on when it was built and the quality of the craftsmanship. Some websites can only last one or two years – if they weren’t built by a real professional. Always take a look at case studies and dig into the work someone has done before hiring them to do a website, to ensure the quality of their work.

Thank you for checking out our site – and best of luck finding a provider. We’d love to work with you, contact us now to get started with a free consultation. We guarantee satisfaction on our work and are dedicated to a high level of quality, and customer service.

Want to hook better leads with hard-working digital marketing?

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