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Search Engine Optimization focused on revenue

We’re not a Chicago natives, but we serve Chicago – and can help your Chicago based business dominate the competition for the terms that drive your revenue and profit.

  • We create a search engine friendly structure and make technical edits
  • We target content, and can get content up on your site for high value terms
  • We create links from elsewhere on the web back to your site
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Technical SEO

Technical aspects of your website influence the amount of traffic it will naturally receive from search engine searches. We can take the structure of your website and modify it in a way to get more free traffic from Google on a regular basis.

Targeted Content

Your website needs fresh content on a regular basis to drive the kind of traffic that will earn you business. This doesn't necessarily mean putting up new articles and landing pages constantly, but it does mean targeting the content you do put up and making it count.

Earning High-value Backlinks

Earning backlinks is the number one thing you can do to rank your website higher on Google searches. When it comes to earning backlinks, 'less is more' has never been more important. We create high quality links on a regular basis back to your site to rank it higher systematically.

Have Chicago SEO Experts turn your website into a search engine darling

We know how to make sure search engines like Google are in love with your website – and serve it’s pages above your competitors.

Don’t neglect technical SEO, content marketing, and earning backlinks on a regular basis to make sure your business gets more searchers coming into your site for the terms that make you money.

If you try to go it alone – these principles still apply, but just like any profession, because we are constantly doing Search Engine Optimization every day we learn tons of strategies and tactics to do it more efficiently and to greater effect.

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Chicago SEO Services that have your bottom line in mind

We understand that you want your website to represent you professionally – and you need it to rank on Google to get more business.

We are driven to give the companies we work for the best possible result when it comes to their search engine rankings – we know the tricks, and we know what Google wants. We’ve been creating search engine friendly websites for 5 years, and know how to make mobile-friendly visual design that complements your search engine rankings and makes the most of the visits from people who land on your site.


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Questions and Answers about Chicago SEO

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization – it's the process of increasing the metrics on a website so that it can show up higher in Google search results, and other search engine results.

SEO works by many factors but the top three are:

  • Creating an intuitive structure on your website, and creating technically correct and well organized content that makes it easy for users (and Google) to navigate it easily.
  • Creating content regularly on the site that answers your customers questions, and is informative for the subject matter you want to rank for.
  • Earning links from authority websites around the web on a regular basis which count as 'votes' for the quality and authority of your site.

SEO is important because if your site isn't visible – it's like it never happened. No one likes to spend a bunch of money on a website and then see it collect dust.

If people can find your website, they have more opportunities to do business with you. It's all about distributing your product in efficient and effective manner, and the way people navigate the web these days is through search engines. If you can get free traffic from Google on a regular basis without paying an arm and a leg for paid aids, it's magic.

Google paid ads can get your results quickly – but aren't going to do anything for you after you stop spending money.

Chicago SEO can push you up in search results in a way that lasts long after you stop spending money on SEO. Ideally you continually find more ways to rank higher and keep pushing, but once again - the 'half life' for SEO is much longer than paid ads.

It can take over a year – but we like to shoot for significant movement in 6 months, and clear return on investment in 9.

If people tell you a lot sooner than that – it may sound good, but is likely not reflective of reality. Real, long-term change takes longer, but lasts longer as well.

1. Go check out Inc.com's verified profiles and get a high authority backlink.

2. Ensure each of your service pages has 700+ words and write more content for them if they don't.

3. Install Yoast SEO if you have a WordPress website, and de-index any pages that don't have 'thin content', or under 200 words and aren't key pages – if they are key pages, increase the amount of content.

Create things on your website that are highly valuable. Create a deep guide for the service that you provide. Create a tool that is helpful for people that are looking for what you provide. Answer questions that people are asking (find them on quora.com or answerthepublic.com)

Find ways to serve your industry with your content and become an authority in your community for they type of work you do or around the subject matter for the products you sell.

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