Case Study Two

Process is paramount

In projects that I’ve worked alone, and in projects that I’ve had the privilege to work with groups, I’ve found that the process is incredibly important. Each piece of the process needs to be well thought out. I have a system I like to use and am still developing. I also hold that process lightly, because when I work in a team, different team members have different needs and processes of their own, and it’s important they are considered and respected.

Design Process


A crucial stage that can include research of competition, mood boards, creating personas for targeted marketing solutions, site mapping, and strong UI considerations. In this stage, I find it critical to think about how and why users will access and interact with the site.


Sketching can be a great tool to process general ideas, discuss them with peers, and tease out elements in a way that requires minimal time and investment.


The process of bringing ideas into a digital format can be done in a basic way; which includes blocking out the site’s main sections. Doing this helps the next phase of preparing a mockup to be more focused and creative.


This phase is incredibly important and consists of applying the branding considerations and demographic information, which requires a keen and innovative eye. I consistently broaden my perspective by looking at the best laid out websites on the web and studying what they do well.

Design Process Design Process


The practical art of web design is enhanced by the review of the design by other talented designers. I’ve chosen to put myself around some of the best web designers I’ve come across and learn collaboratively with them. – View Organization Involvement


The best-laid plans need nudging in the right direction. They need review and testing with users, whether it be on a broad scale or testing with 3-5 people to address any major navigation issues. I work diligently to come up with excellent layouts and hold my solutions lightly so that I can make them even better if there’s an opportunity to do so.