Sales & Business Development

We are looking for someone that hears ‘sales-person’ and thinks ‘someone who helps connect people to services their company sorely needs.’ This will be an extremely important role for our company, so we are not in a rush to hire. The ideal candidate has experience selling marketing services previously – ideally ideally, for a small marketing agency like ours that sells web design and SEO services. The key reason being – we need someone who is ‘scrappy’ – meaning resourceful, able to get stuff done on their own, without a lot of hand-holding. This position has the opportunity to be highly lucrative with the right person – it will be a combination of base salary + percentage based commission, with incentives for retaining clients for the long-term as well (read: only signing clients that are truly a great fit for our agency, who have reasonable expectations, and who we can exceed those expectations.)

Technical Skills/ Duties

  • Able to field inbound leads with kindness, and learn about what we do to talk about it concisely, and without jargon.
  • Passionate about helping people find the best services for their marketing needs – whether it’s us or a competitor.
  • Able to use down-time as an opportunity to do outbound sales, cold-calling, or soft introduction LinkedIn connections.
  • Good presentation skills.
  • Grit / intestinal fortitude – there’s a lot of rejection in sales.
  • Ability to track sales metrics in a clearcut, and simple way on a spreadsheet
  • Able to work with our marketing efforts, to identify weak points and help us improve our marketing based on the feedback you’re getting.
  • Able to be extremely friendly with referral partners, and continually take out people for lunch (expensed)
  • Ok with setting aggressive sales goals, and pushing for them through sustained, and concerted effort.
  • Open to attending at least one (construction, financial or marketing industry) event a week
  • Open to reading a couple books a month on subjects related to your job.
  • Open to 40 hours a week, and at least 4 out of 5 days a week from office (1 day from home if you want.)
  • Be a self starter – constantly be looking for the next way to add value for clients.

E-mail your Resume to Tim Brown