PPC Technician

  • Focused on your long-term career growth & goals
  • Hungry professional that’s ready to learn
  • Striving for more meaningful impact + community
PPC Technician Job Listing

What Level is This Position?

We’re in need of a hungry professional that’s ready to learn.

We love roofers + contractors. And we’ve found that we’re really good at serving them with lead-generating marketing. You may not know that you love them too… yet! 😜

The candidate for this role won’t need any hard and fast experience but should be interested in the work and have a good idea of what Digital Marketing entails. 

If you’re still here, there’s a chance you’re excited about this opportunity. Hey, odds are we’re even more excited  🎉 We should touch on culture for a second. We’re a very positive and supportive bunch. Maybe too positive and supportive…is that thing? You’re right; it’s not. Check out our culture page for more on that, back to the job stuff.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • A baseline understanding of digital marketing (bonus if you’re familiar with Google Ads!)
  • Proven problem-solving skills, preferably in a support role capacity
  • The drive to learn and work hard
  • Ability to take direction and report directly to Strategists
  • Design and/or writing experience is a plus!

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

  • Implement digital marketing best practices on Google Ads accounts
  • Act as the primary support person to PPC Strategists
  • Assist in putting the finishing touches on accounts as they prepare for launch

Here’s what we’ll teach you (some of it, at least!):

  • Digital marketing best practices, with a focus on how they pertain to Google Ads
  • How to be effective in a digital marketing agency environment
  • How to identify and solve performance issues within Google Ads accounts
  • How to effectively create Google Ads campaigns
  • How to conduct keyword research
  • How to optimize PPC landing pages

Basically, we’re looking for someone who will continually level up at writing persuasive Google Ads, targeting the right keywords, mastering the Google Ads platform to get the lowest possible lead costs, and taking things off our Strategist’s plates.

Well, what do you think?

Ready to have a conversation about it? Here’s our hiring process:

1. Click the link below, + send in your resume.
2. If appropriate, we’ll reach out to you for a brief phone interview
3. Two in-office interviews
4. If it’s a good fit, we’ll send you an offer
5. Come work with the coolest 22-person team in the Twin Cities

Core Values

👑 Extreme Ownership: Act like it’s your business and take accountability.

🎖️ Thrives Under Pressure: Run towards the problem. When there’s a lot of stuff to do, go harder and don’t make it other people’s problem.

💪 Get Shit Done: Prioritize and execute with urgency.

💥 Scrappy: Grit. Just f’ing Google it and ask for forgiveness, not permission.

💯 Exuding Confidence: As you get awesome, advocate for yourself, your work, and your team.

Send your Resume to Bea Bonte


😍 A culture of encouraging each other

🏠 2 days a week, remote

📚 We’ll pay for at least one course per quarter

💎 Clear quarterly + weekly goals

🧀 Culture things, like cheese club + social events

🧠 We’ll contribute $ towards mental health counseling visits

🏥 We cover a portion of your health insurance premium

🏋 Bi-weekly mini-trainings

🏝 Unlimited time off (minimum of 15 days off)

🗣 Keynote speakers on personal + professional development topics

♻️ Weekly 1:1 with direct managers

⚡ 90-day check-ins with the company owners

☕ Coffee, energy drinks, snacks, wine, beer, etc.

🍾 Lots of champagne pops for website launches + big wins

Lastly, we are a small company and will take the time to find the right fit for us. Just know that all of us at Hook Agency come from different backgrounds. Many of us were told we don’t have the resume, experience, or accolades to be even considered for marketing jobs. We use that as a chip on our shoulders and have made it our duty to look at every single candidate’s ability, character, and spirit and not judge them based on their past, labels, or identity. Even if you don’t work here, we’d be honored to do anything we can to help you along your journey.