Onboarding Specialist - Recurring Services

  • Focused on your long-term career growth & goals
  • Clear-cut weekly and quarterly goals + culture of pushing to get better
  • Striving for more meaningful impact + community
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What Level is This Position?

Hook Agency is currently looking for an Onboarding Specialist – Recurring Services to join our team. 

In this role, you’ll be directly working alongside our SEO and PPC specialists to help onboard new clients as well as the Web department to help guide clients through the website process. This role takes a self-starter and someone who isn’t afraid of hard work and learning.

The candidate for this role won’t need any hard and fast experience but should be interested in the work and have a good idea of what Digital Marketing entails. ( Bonus points if you’re familiar with WordPress 🙂 )

If you’re still here, there’s a chance you’re excited about this opportunity. Hey, odds are we’re even more excited  🎉 We should touch on culture for a second. We’re a very positive and supportive bunch. Maybe too positive and supportive…is that thing? You’re right; it’s not. Check out our culture page for more on that, back to the job stuff.

Hard Skills / Day-to-Day tasks

  • Being the first point of contact for new clients 
  • Sending welcome emails and agendas 
  • Gathering client logins 
  • Taking detailed notes during meetings
  • Assigning teams and tasks in our project management software (monday.com) 
  • Client Gifting
  • Content Entry
  • Lead Tracking
  • Website details check-ups (forms, plugins, links etc.) 
  • Answering the Hook Phone
  • Client Anniversary tracking
  • Helping our SEO developers track client request tickets
  • Internal Team project management

Core Values

  • Owner’s Mindset – We rarely say “it’s not my job”, we take extreme ownership. We push for the best outcome. like we owned the company we’re working on.
  • Get Shit Done – We pride ourselves on getting more real shit done than your average marketing company. Work smarter + harder is our mindset.
  • Fun Under Pressure – We are finding ways to make work fun, not just when stuff is perfect. We relish challenges, and believe difficult stuff makes us better.
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😍 A culture of encouraging each other (with things like pat on the backs, and motivation)

👩⚕️ Health insurance

🏠 2 Days a Week Remote

📚 Company pays for at-least one course a quarter

💎 Clear goals every quarter + week

🧀 Culture things like cheese club + social events (when possible)

🧠 We contribute $ towards mental health counseling.

🏋🏻 Monthly Mini-trainings

🏝 Unlimited Paid Time Off

💸 401K Match option in 2022

🗣 Bring in speakers on personal development topics

♻️ Weekly 1on1’s with direct manager

⚡️90-Day check-in’s with company owners

☕️ Coffee, La Croix, Snacks, Beer, Wine etc.

🍾 Lots of Champagne pops (for website launches and big wins)

Lastly, we are a small company and will take the time to find the right fit for us. Just know that all of us at Hook Agency come from different backgrounds. Many of us were told we don’t have the resume, experience, or accolades to be even considered for marketing jobs. We use that as a chip on our shoulders and have made it our duty to look at every single candidate’s ability, character, and spirit and not judge them based on their past, labels, or identity. Even if you don’t work here, we’d be honored to do anything we can to help you along your journey.