Content Production Intern

Hook Agency is currently looking for a Content Production Intern to work with us. This role would be a half-time (20 hours/wk) position. Although our internship opportunities can lead to full-time positions—we don’t necessarily need this to be the case every time. In this role, you’ll be directly working alongside our Design Team and Writers/Content Strategists. The work you’ll be doing will directly correlate to the content that we regularly produce for our clients. This role takes a self-starter and someone who isn’t afraid of hard work and learning. The candidate for this role won’t need any hard and fast experience but should be interested in the work and have had some experience in both design and copywriting. If you’re still here, there’s a chance you’re excited about this opportunity. Hey, odds are we’re even more excited ? We should touch on culture for a second. We’re a very positive and supportive bunch. Maybe too positive and supportive…is that thing? You’re right; it’s not. Check out our culture page for more on that, back to the job stuff. Key areas of responsibility:

  • Familiar with basic design concepts
  • Comfortable copywriting for blog posts, design elements, and websites
  • Comfortable with design software such as Adobe photoshop
  • Ability to learn quickly and take on challenges
  • Scrappy attitude and willingness to look for answers to questions on Google

Company Responsibilities:

  • Scrappy – being a self-starter and having a hunger and eagerness to improve professionally and personally
  • Confident – humility is important, but it’s also important to know what you’re capable of and to be confident in yourself.
  • Get Shit Done – doing what it takes to get results. Sometimes we have to push hard for results; you can’t be afraid of hard work.
  • Be nice ? – life is short. We work hard, but we celebrate each other a lot and enjoy ourselves at work.

Lastly, we are a small company and will take the time to find the right cultural fit for us. Just know that all of us at Hook Agency come from different backgrounds. Many of us were told we don’t have the resume, experience, or accolades to be even considered for marketing jobs. We use that as a chip on our shoulders and have made it our duty to look at every single candidate’s ability, character, and spirit and not judge them based on their past, labels, or identity. Even if you don’t work here, we’d be honored to do anything we can to help you along your journey.  Apply on LinkedIn