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The Best Marketing and Business Books

We’re curating the best in marketing, design and sales books.

Because we can only read so much – and we’re only adding the absolute best to this gallery, we encourage you to do the same so that they can be discovered by more people!

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Imagine a place where the best marketing books can be sorted, added and summarized quickly – where you can find new ideas for ones to read, and where you can find the basic concepts quickly. That is the end vision for this site. It’s starting now as a ‘best of’ of my own favorite marketing, design, UX, and SEO books – and moving to sales, persuasion and business as I find new books to share.

If you want to add your favorite marketing books, all you have to do is share a link to a summary, add the full cover of the book, and tell us the author! It’s that simple – then we’ll add the book to the gallery over the next few days.

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