Why I Suggest Not Blogging Every Day for a Year


by on February 15, 2017

Blogging Every Day for a Year

Why I Suggest Not Blogging Every Day for a Year


So this is my 365th blog post, or piece of content – generally in increments of 400 words or more in some form or another in 1 year.

I’m so worn out from blogging – and you might also feel a little used and abused to if you’ve been reading some of my content.

Because I have been kind of throwing up onto the page I haven’t been able to adjust for quality quite as much as I would have liked. And that’s the main reason why I wouldn’t suggest to take the same approach as me if you are looking for some kind of writing challenge.

Let’s get it straight – writing really regularly has been amazing

I’ve grown in my writing, I’ve gotten better at collecting my thoughts and presenting them in some kind of cohesive manner – digging in and really getting at the nugget of value that I think I can share…

But the truth is… I want a different kind of rhythm on my site.

The kind of rhythm that intensely valuable blogs like Backlinko have. You see – blogs like this spend 25+ hours on one piece of content, and although that might be a little bit much for me at the moment, the intentional super-targeted way they go about this makes it so much more likely that they will hit a traffic and influence gold-mine.

Sharing on a regular basis is cool – but hitting a few well-targets super valuable posts can account for 80% of traffic

The problem is that you don’t always know which of your posts or topics those are until you have already written 50 blog posts.

So – DO experiment.

DON’T get stuck writing little (shitty) blog posts like I have the end of this last year.

No – I’m not in a position to hire a full time editor. But I can throw more hail-mary’s with more time in targeting and excellent content than I have been going forward.

To me – if someone wanted to do a challenge like this – I’d write 400 words a day towards a bigger super-targeted content hub

And the best of my content over the past couple months, I broke with the original intent of my ‘blog every day’ challenge and used this model instead: Write a piece towards something bigger every day.

This means at the end you come up with a much more intense, heavy-hitting blog posts than a bunch of one-off disposable ones.

Don’t let me deter you from writing every day, it’s been an extremely interesting journey for me writing this much (I had a lot of catch-up days throughout the process.)

Writing on a regular basis has been amazing for my website’s visibility, connecting with more people, getting traffic from social, and even thinking more clearly – strange enough. But I’m excited to stop subjecting you guys to posts every day, even when I have to really push to get some kind of fresh idea… here’s to more well-researched, deeper, more valuable long-form blog posts over the next couple months!

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Che Boielle

you’ve seen the light on depth, look forward to seeing some heavier pieces coming through.
Here’s my first attempt… http://www.inboundgenius.com.au/ultimate-guide-content-marketing/
drop me a line with feedback if you like.

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