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How to Create an XML Sitemap for Videos Easily in WordPress [Video]

Google likes it – when you have a sitemap for videos on your site 1. Install XML Sitemaps for Videos (Here’s the link to the plugin) 2. “Generate Sitemap for Videos’ 3.…

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Google XML Sitemap for Videos
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Google likes it – when you have a sitemap for videos on your site

1. Install XML Sitemaps for Videos (Here’s the link to the plugin)
2. “Generate Sitemap for Videos’
3. Add new sitemap in Google Search Console


Hey, how’s it going, this is Tim Brown, and today I’m gonna be talking about how Google Likes It when you have a sitemap for the videos on your website. In WordPress it’s actually very easy to get an XML sitemap for videos. I’m gonna tell you why first though. The first reason that you’d wanna do it is because Google actually serves up your page on the videos part of its search engine, and that’s actually really powerful because a lotta people are just searching in that area. Secondly, it actually will crawl to that page quicker if it sees a video on it, using this plugin.

So the plugin is called XML Sitemaps for Videos, and you can find it just searching that in the plugins area of your WordPress website. And so you install that plugin, number one. Number two, you go to the settings on the plugin and just say generate XML Sitemap for Videos, and then it will give you a little link and copy and paste that link into Google Search Console. So in Google Search Console, it will have a sitemap area, you go to that sitemap area, and you say submit new sitemap, you paste that link that you got from the plugin into there.

So now, Google is actually gonna serve up your pages quicker because of those videos on your site, so it’s actually really powerful. You can actually install this plugin just to get a page crawled quicker, you can just copy and paste a video onto any page that you really want crawled quickly, and Google’s very good about crawling those pages with video. It knows people want video, and like I said, it allows you to be served up in that video section of Google Search.

Video is powerful, not only to get people familiar with your company, and familiar with your brand, but it’s also powerful to get higher on Google Search results. Last thing I’ll just say about that is that people will spend longer on your website because you have a video towards the top of a blog post, and people spending longer on your website is also very good for getting served higher on search, because Google can actually see when they go back to the search results, verses when they stay on your website. So that’s another reason that video is powerful, and I appreciate you guys watching Google Likes It. Join me for the next episode, bye.

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3 years ago

According the link provided, Wordpress offers the following warning: “This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.” Do you know the most recent link that is compatible for WP?

Tim Brown
Tim Brown
3 years ago
Reply to  Lanette

It may not be currently supported, but the plugin still works great! 🙂

Sachin srivastava
Sachin srivastava
1 year ago
Reply to  Tim Brown

Does the plugin work for self-hosted videos? I host videos on my own server

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