Why Is HVAC So Hard to Do SEO for?

Search engine optimization – or SEO for short – is one of the driving forces of marketing in the internet age. Simply put, SEO is what makes it so that you appear…

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Search engine optimization – or SEO for short – is one of the driving forces of marketing in the internet age. Simply put, SEO is what makes it so that you appear in a relevant position when someone searches for you or your company in a search engine. Strong SEO can be the driving force of your marketing efforts.

Heating, venting, and air conditioning companies – HVAC – typically struggle to have good SEO. Why is this difficult, and what about HVAC impacts this directly? Read on for more information on what makes SEO so tricky for HVAC companies.

There is a lot of Competition

HVAC is far from a small field. Instead, HVAC companies often face a great deal of competition. That makes marketing more difficult in general because it is harder to stand out in dense competition?

This is one of the cruxes of HVAC SEO. By its very nature, search engine optimization means honing to make something appear more often than others. With so many things fighting to appear, what makes your website stand out?

There are 110,000 HVAC companies in the U.S. In comparison to 105,00 Roofing companies for example – though up to 80% of these are less than 5 people, that’s still a lot of websites trying to rank.

Many also use the same keywords, as they’re working with the same subject. One tip on circumventing this is to use more unique keywords or phrases than your competitors do. You just have to be careful not to use keywords and phrases so unique that no one is searching for them.

HVAC Google Trend since 2004: Search volume is growing as quickly as quantity of competitors so don’t be too scared by your competition.

Authority is hard to get, and it’s Long-Lasting

Much of SEO comes from time spent building authority. You can struggle to get effective SEO for a new company from a lack of this authority. There aren’t many ways to fix this other than to stand the test of time and give excellent service while letting your SEO build naturally.

One of the ways you can help this along is with an SEO agency to help promote your optimization. Internal and external links in anything that you post will be vital towards helping to build this as well.

Positive reviews will also go a decent way towards helping this authority build. Needless to say that positive reviews will help your marketing in more ways than SEO, so ensure that you’re doing everything you can to promote this! As your credibility and reputation grow, your SEO will become more effective and healthier as well.

Many HVAC Companies forget to Build Locally

One of the other issues with building SEO is that many companies will focus on a much broader stroke than they should. When you’re building the SEO for your HVAC company, work on building local before moving on to bigger things.

This is a no-brainer but falls through the cracks for more inexperienced individuals. If you’re starting an HVAC company, you don’t want to take clients in cities your company can’t service. The same is true for HVAC – attracting clients from thousands of miles away does nothing for getting you more business.


The best way to fix this is to build your SEO locally. Engaging and interacting with companies near you through social media or blogs can help to make your local presence shine brightly. Do your best to stay active and engaged in your community to promote your local SEO.

This also will make it so that you have strong authority and credibility as a site when it comes time to grow. You’d be surprised to see just how much SEO can snowball, so build everything knowing that you’re laying a strong groundwork for the future.

As with building authority, a great way to do this is to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews for you on local sites. Local social media sites like Facebook pages or your own Instagram are a great way to build this. Another fantastic point is to make sure that you’re keeping a strong social media presence with your own pages.

Operating a social media presence is free and vital marketing in general. It’s especially dominant for your search engine optimization, so ensure that you’re keeping up with it.

Why is HVAC so hard to do SEO For? It can be difficult but it’s far from impossible

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Why is HVAC so hard to do SEO for?” hopefully, this brief guide has helped demystify things for you. While it can be difficult, it’s far from impossible. Patience, time, and research are all you’ll need if you’re putting in the proper effort.

If you have more questions or concerns about search engine optimization as an HVAC company, be sure to read through our informative blog. Feel free to reach out and contact us if any questions remain.

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