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Can I Record a Video for SEO?

It’s a simple question really, can I record video for SEO? Is video going to help my SEO strategy, and is it worth putting my time into it? Well, here’s what I…

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Youtube on an iPhone

It’s a simple question really, can I record video for SEO? Is video going to help my SEO strategy, and is it worth putting my time into it?

Well, here’s what I know, YouTube is the second largest search engine, and it’s second only to Google. What does that mean for you? It probably means that you’re missing out. Video is, by far, the best way to relay information and provide meaningful content.

It’s also fast and takes less active energy from those that are looking to consume it. That’s why, instead of reading a blog article on how to fix your car, you’ll be more likely to watch a video.

But, can I record a video for SEO? The short answer is, yes. Absolutely you can, and you can optimize it in order to reach more people.

Optimizing Video for SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is when you optimize your website or your content for search intent. How are people going to find your content? They’re going to search for it. That’s why you have to optimize your site and content for SEO! But, how do you optimize video for SEO?

There are two ways to do a video for SEO, #1 is the video for SEO on your website, and #2 is SEO on YouTube. Believe it or not, YouTube, like Google, can also push traffic your way with SEO. Let’s break both of these strategies down.

Video for SEO on Your Website

There are a few reasons why you’d want to video on your website. Here are my top reasons to include video on your website:

Increased time on page is a huge benefit of using videos on your website or within blogs and articles. Because WordPress and other website hosts allow you to post videos directly in the content, your readers won’t ever have to leave your site. The way I recommend to do this is to post your video to YouTube and then use the embed code to put it into WordPress.

Here’s a case study we did about using video in content for one of our clients. Using video in content boosted their video watch time by 376%.

Build trust with potential customers through video. Sometimes a customer will just want to see what you look like, talk like, and what they can expect. You can give them that through video. It’s a great way to humanize yourself.

Increased brand presence. You might not think about it much, but most of your customers won’t know your employees or you at all before hiring you. Using videos that incorporate all of your employees will not only build trust but will help each of your employees become more closely identified with the brand.

Youtube on an iPhone

SEO Strategy for YouTube

While videos do get pulled in organic search results, they’re not going to drive a lot of traffic to your site through Google’s organic search algorithm. It wasn’t until recently that Google started including videos in their search results without the user having to click to the video tab.

But what about YouTube? If you have a video out on a popular topic, such as “How to Get Found on Youtube,” then you get massive results from those videos.

Optimize for Search on YouTube

Video for SEO, serp analysis.

Here are the things that you can do to rank higher in YouTube searches:

  • Create transcripts for your video. Here’s a great article on the proven benefits of adding closed captions.
  • Make your videos a little longer. 5+ minute videos are often getting higher rankings.
  • Keywords for YouTube. Use a keyword tool such as ahrefs to see what keywords might be good to use for YouTube SEO.

If you do the work to create an SEO strategy for YouTube and back it with good research, you’ll be able to get significant traffic to your website through YouTube. The best part about getting good traffic to your YouTube videos is that it lasts for years at a time. Top-performing YouTube videos can continue to perform for more than 10 years.

Other Ways to Use Video

There are tons of ways that you should be using video. Social media, sales, email campaigns, the possibilities are endless.


LinkedIn is a great way to get video content out to potential customers.

If you think that your potential customers are on Linkedin or that there are potentials for referrals through the platform, then you need to start making the most of it. LinkedIn has somewhere around 5 billion users. Your potential reach is genuinely endless. Just give it a shot!


Have you thought about turning that sales pitch into an engaging video so that you can get it out in front of more people?

Sales is a great way to use video to talk with potential customers that might just be difficult to get ahold of. Send them a video. See how it helps. Social Media Today did a study recently that said adding a video to your landing page increased conversions by 80%.

9 Benefits of Video Marketing

I’m all about offering the most value possible. So here are 9 benefits of video marketing. Some of these might be repeats, but it’s worth repeating if it means that you’ll remember them and feel more confident implementing them in the future.

  1. Your customers and potential customers enjoy watching videos.
  2. Optimized videos impact SEO.
  3. Video helps with brand image and consumer trust.
  4. The use of video increases sales.
  5. Video helps you reach and communicate better with your ideal customers.
  6. Social networks thrive with video.
  7. Mobile users prefer video.
  8. Email marketing is optimized ad more effective with video.
  9. Analytics on who is watching your videos can help you narrow down your niche customers.

Want to video a whole step further? Here is a guide that we put together with the help of other great marketers like Seth Godin. This guide covers everything, including how to make a video, how to level up video, how to sell with video, and so much more! You need to read it to believe it.

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