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5 Ways to Delight Your Website Visitors – User Experience

  1. A clever, friendly and intriguing 404 page. The same goes for easter eggs in games, you can make it pleasant even though the visitor is not getting what they expected.…

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Delight visitors with a 404 page - ways to delight visitors


1. A clever, friendly and intriguing 404 page.

Delight visitors with a 404 page - ways to delight visitors

The same goes for easter eggs in games, you can make it pleasant even though the visitor is not getting what they expected. Despite all of our efforts occasionally there’s a dead link on a site, we want to make sure those people are taken care of too. Check out my new 404 page here if you’d like.


2. Create CTA’s who’s hover state is an interesting gif background.

I am not currently using this on my site, but just as an example, let’s try one. Let’s say I am doing a website for a music festival, so something a bit psychedelic might be in order.

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Even though hover states don’t really work on mobile – we still should aim to delight desktop users when we can. Which this is a great example of that.

Here’s the examples CSS if you want to use it and change some things.

.big-psych {background-color: #00AD8E; width: 100%; display: block; padding: 100px 0; text-align: center}
.big-psych h3 {color: white; margin-bottom: 50px;}
.get-tickets {background-color: #A37DD6 ; color: white; padding: 15px 70px; border-radius: 10px; border: 2px solid #47365C;}
.get-tickets:hover {background: url('https://hookagency.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/ways-to-delight-visitors.gif'); color: white;}


3. Include photos of real people right away in your main homepage.

Perhaps you have this one in the bag already, but if you’re just showing work or product on your websites homepage, you’re dropping the ball. Ideally this would depicting an ideal customer benefitting from your product. This is not only more friendly and appealing to people checking out your product or service, but more engaging and persuasive as well.


4. Pay attention to messages in your e-mail autoresponders, error messages, buttons, and other neglected ‘micro-copy’ around your site.

Unless their savvy, visitors might not come up with this as an issue even if they’re trying to provide useful feedback. They’ve come to expect boring, uninspired, and even unfriendly copy when they forget to enter their email in a form. But you don’t have to serve up the User Experience that they’ve come to expect. Add a little playfulness in the form when they forget something. This keeps the interaction light and friendly and will definitely make the interaction a little more pleasant when they do get to chat with you.


5. Blog in a real, candid voice, not ‘corporate speak’ mumbo jumbo.

There’s even a website that parody’s this in ‘Corporate Ipsum,’ which spews out lines of innnovative, collaborative Synergy nonsense for placeholder text. Nothing makes a blog article less appealing than being obviously written by someone who’s trying to sound business-y, or staying in a very formal tone when the subject matter doesn’t need that. Some of my most shared, and most linked to posts have been ones where I broke into a very informal tone of voice, even for me. An example of this would be ‘A Feisty response to “Web Design is dead,” in response to a Mashable article, which garnered a backlink from the original author on UXMag, and alot of other people responded well to it on Twitter and shared it quite a bit.

All of this despite the fact I went extremely informal with the writing style. People respond to that, and if done with a ton of intention, it’s clear it’s the result of strong feelings and passion, which people respond well to.

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