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14 Experts Share Their Most Under-rated SEO Tactic

Plenty of airtime has been given to the SEO basics, content, links and technical SEO. But what about under-rated tactics? Russ Jones of The Google Cache, recently took to Twitter to pick…

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What's The Most under-rated SEO tactic - Building a brand according to Rand Fishkin of Moz and SparkToro

Plenty of airtime has been given to the SEO basics, content, links and technical SEO.

But what about under-rated tactics? Russ Jones of The Google Cache, recently took to Twitter to pick the collective brains of the SEO community on this very topic and I thought the thread was exceedingly useful:


14 Experts Share Their Most Under-rated SEO Tactic

  1. Russ Jones – “I’m gonna go with regularly scheduled content-refreshes/updates. If an article is worth keeping, it is worth updating.”Under-rated SEO tactic - Russ Jones on Twitter
  2. Vlado Pavlik, – Internal links – Title tags optimization (to improve CTR) – Republishing/updating content
  3. Jason Acidre, – “Revisiting pages’ content – then improving structuring and metadata to match searcher intent (based on queries people often use to get to those pages).”
  4. Lee Wilson, Sideshow Agency – “Title tag and meta description updates – specifically treating Organic adverts the same as you would paid adverts (scientific refinement and always on experiments). Such untapped potential here for most websites due to lack of ongoing improvements and limited scope to top pages.”
  5. Rand Fishkin, SparkToro and Moz – “Building a brand publishers love to write about.”What's The Most under-rated SEO tactic - Building a brand according to Rand Fishkin of Moz and SparkToro
  6. Francesco Baldini, – “Focus on real customers rather than volumes (i.e.: most searched keywords)”
  7. Harry Hawk, Podcast – “Fresh honest/authentic customer reviews. They are meaningful with the right keywords, are filled with natural language and trusted; people trust other people more then business leaders and marketers etc”
  8. Aleyda Solis, – “For smaller sites: Probably building a brand but that’s not a tactic, is a company objective to achieve its goal and mission. For bigger sites: optimizing internal links.”Aleyda Solis - SEO expert shares number one underrated SEO tactic - Social Media quote
  9. Justin Brock, – “Looking at the SERPS”
  10. John Doherty, Credo – “Clean code.”
  11. Matt Rooney, OnLocation Experiences – Internal linking — plenty of wins over the years by simply breaking page & category silos on a site with general authority
  12. Jeremy Rivera,, – “Looking on Twitter for big threads of experts chiming in on a subject and converting that content into a killer blog post that won’t be swept away in the eternal churn of social media posts but can capture organic, sustained traffic for a long time. Oh, and don’t forget to link out to all those experts, who likely have their own blogs. Then turn their quotes into unique graphics and dm them with them, with a suggestion of a blog post of theirs where it’d fit nicely.” (I took this one to heart)Jeremy Rivera - Underrated SEO Tactics
  13. Jono Alderson, – “Improving the product.”
  14. Dan McCue, on Twitter – “Technical improvements gave us a big boost. But I really think this would be a better post if it were #wronganswersonly”

“Properly understanding what the customer/user base really wants from the brand and or website. Comprehensive understanding trumps all technical skill imo. Getting people right is hard, tech is easy (by comparison).” – MrLukeCarthy, LukeCarthy.comCheck out the full thread on Twitter for all of the answers.

3 Of the Most under-rated SEO Tactics according to Experts:

After reviewing the thread, a couple of things kept on coming up and so I’d like to officially pronounce these 3 under-utilized tactics for SEO the winners!

1. Internal Linking

Certainly, there was a lot of chatter about link-building and it seems some only think it’s under-rated for the big dogs. I’ve seen a lot of results from internal link-building, particularly when you take a highly-ranking page and use it to link out to something else you want to rank.

Creating systems around internal link-building, and I’ve seen very smart SEO’s having a “build links to” spreadsheet that they give their content writers to work in throughout posts as they go.

I appreciated someone’s suggestion to “go after long-tail keywords” that are way less competitive and then build the links from those to the shorter, competitive keywords and money landing pages. Damn – the hive-mind of SEO Twitter is brilliant.

Most under-rated SEO tactic

2. Updating Content

This has been huge for our website, and a tactic we’ve been really promoting to our clients this past year. If a piece of content is ranking well – it’s crazy how much more traction you get out of updating that (and increasing its comprehensiveness) than creating new content.

I personally love using Google Search Console to do this work.

Identify shoulder topics that people are searching, but that the content doesn’t currently service as well as it could. Make those topics your (more comprehensive) H2’s and add content to service that intent. 

Using Search Console to Update Old Content

3. Building a Brand

So much of our work in data-driven marketing becomes about lead generation.

So sometimes it’s hard to stop and say – “hey – what would really make us stick out, and be remembered by people positively” – how can we burn our logo and mission in people’s minds?

My company did a brainstorming session around building a brand (we want to dominate local + national construction markets) – and we came up with these 3 ideas – but I’ll add some more broad

  • Event marketing – Throwing a panel event at our workspace that relates to our mission, and making it a fundraiser for a cause us and our ideal clients believe in.
  • Street team – Attending events in our area and doing a small hand-out and wearing company swag.
  • Recruitment – We’re throwing an event for college students to learn about our industry. Regular and ambitious job posts as well seem to drive brand awareness in our area, and we probably go a little harder on them than necessary for this reason.

Street Team - as a brand activation / marketing tactic

Building a brand through digital marketing:

  • Remarketing – I believe remarketing (on Google’s display network, Facebook and Linkedin) is a great way to push your message to the world after they’ve visited your site or interacted with your content and keep your brand top of mind.
  • PPC in general – Yes often this is lead gen, but pushing ads for your top keywords also keeps your brand taking up more space in people’s minds, even for the ones that know to skip the ads and click organic results.
  • Content marketing + promotion – Content fatigue. It’s real, and if you are only promoting AD’s, you might be really annoying the hell out of your ideal customers. What about good old fashion content marketing + video marketing, and promoting those on your followers and remarketing audiences Facebook feeds to stay top of mind?

Thank you for reading “3 Of The Most Under-rated SEO Tactics According to Experts” – and if you want to know my ‘most underrated SEO tactic’ it’s – re-stating your keyword at the end of your article, even when it feels unnatural. 😉

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Matt Kirkman
Matt Kirkman
2 years ago

Nice roundup, and it was refreshing to see some common sense ‘evergreen’ SEO techniques, rather than the next ‘shiny object’. Your under-rated section was spot on – it always amazes us how many agencies prefer to go down the hard route of ‘building new’ rather than making more of what the client already has. Internal linking and what we call ‘secondary rankings’ are some of the first things we do with a client after the optimisation basics – good call. On that note, nice to see remarketing in there as well – especially for clients who might need 5-10 contacts with a prospect before they move to the next stage of the process. Clients don’t want to rank to see their site at number 1, they want to rank for the business those rankings bring, so anything that squeezes as much business out of their organic traffic is just good marketing – we need to think of ourselves as marketers and not just SEOs! Good thing about all these approaches is not only do they work, but they’re likely to keep working for some time.

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