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Tips For Video Sales Calls + Video Conferencing Best Practices

Fellow sales professionals, most of us are working from home and are using video sales calls as a replacement for in-person meetings. As someone who’s used video for selling long before this…

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Video Sales Call

Fellow sales professionals, most of us are working from home and are using video sales calls as a replacement for in-person meetings. As someone who’s used video for selling long before this whole quarantine thing forced us to work from home, I’m excited for more people to be comfortable with the technology and being on camera.

Here is what people are doing to have more effective sales calls on video.

Personal Appearance for Video Sales Calls

Working from home is so different than going into the office every day. One of the first things that we need to be thinking about is how we appear on video calls. The first week of staying home, I generally dressed like I was going to work.

Then, like the senior slide in high school, the WFH slide started and I wore sweatpants for during the second week of quarantine – it was comfy and no one saw knew I was wearing them. I felt like I was an athlete in between workouts, except I didn’t have to have all of those sweaty gym sessions. But I realized it made me too comfortable and wearing the same sweatpants for days at a time is gross (sorry TMI). So now I’ve gotten back into a routine of getting dressed like I’m going into the office – nice jeans and a Hook shirt.

Initially, I wasn’t on video calls all day every day, but I wanted to be available at a moments’ notice. Plus it makes me not feel like a slob to shower daily and get cleaned up. During quarantine, I started shaving. I used to maintain a respectable, midwestern beard. But now that everyone’s doing it, it’s time to change it up and subtly tell people, “I cleaned up today because I’m a professional!”

Josuha Desha, Director of Channel Partnerships and Business Development at FirstStarHR, recommends, “Dress to your audience. If they normally dress up, dress up. If they normally are more relaxed…be relaxed. Don’t show them up.”

Video Sales Call

Video Background for Video Sales Calls

For the first week of quarantine, I was hoping it would be a week or two and didn’t want to invest a ton of time or money into making sure I had a nice background. But after a week of doing calls with a sterile-looking white wall behind me, something had to change.

So I went to Target and picked up a cute lamp and a fake plant for my background. It added some personality and it feels like I’m trying. I’ve seen everything from shabby basements to super-polished backgrounds. I get that not everyone has a nice space to do video calls, but we’re in sales, so try to clean it up. Get a green screen if you have to.

Also – light is super important. Make sure you have light facing you and try to avoid light coming from the background. It makes it hard to see you.

I asked some sales bad-asses and this is what they said about video call backgrounds:

Mary Henderson, Founder of Lights Camera Action said, “I have a media wall behind me so that when I do my zoom calls, there is NO CLUTTER – it’s clear and has my branding and looks stunning on zoom as well.”

Alex Dunnam, Sales Manager at Creative Network Innovations said, “Have the best background out of anybody there. I personally switch between a pic of Madrid, beaches in Hawaii and Tiger King- Joe Exotic.”

Trent Russell, Founder of Greenskies Analytics, went genuine and authentic when he said, “Has having the dog or kid interrupt become annoying to anyone? I still love it! How can you not when a six-year-old walks in with a plate of playdough sushi for her dad? 😂 🍣”

Hardware for Video Sales Calls

So what kind of hardware should you invest in to be successful? I personally have a basic set up, but there are some really good tips out there for taking your video calls to the next level.

I’ve seen people use really nice cameras and microphones, as well as professional lighting kits with a green screen or another professional background.

Here’s what I use:

  • MacBook Air laptop with a camera and microphone
  • Ring light on a tripod for better lighting

Joshua Desha echoed my need for a light by saying, “As far as technology….if it’s an important meeting, just make sure you have good lighting. Right now that is hard with most of us working from home, but figure that out ahead of time.”

Jackson St. Amant, CEO of Money Mastermind, gave this tidbit on a camera, “Honestly, a decent webcam is probably the best tip. I got an Inmiss 1080p (link below) when it was on sale for $28. It’s decent for the price and it’s 1080p which is the important part in my opinion. Other than that, just make sure the lighting, angle, and background are acceptable and you should be good to go.

Software for Video Sales Calls

So what’s the best software for video sales calls?

The one your customer will use.

Zoom seems to be the most popular one. Everyone seems to have access to it and is comfortable with it. The main challenge with Zoom is that you only get 40 minutes at a time on their free version.

I have been using Google Hangouts for a while now because it’s free, does a pretty good job and will automatically create a meeting link on my Google calendar.

Sagar Thacker, Google Account Rep at K3 Marketing, also uses it and says this, “I’m using good ole Google Hangouts. I insert a link into the calendar invite and we hop on. I’m able to easily share my screen if I’m showing them the program and the sound quality is decent. It does the job and it’s easy to use even for noncomputer savvy folks.

Other things I’ve seen are Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting and iPhone’s Facetime for contractors who are doing virtual walkthroughs with clients.

Wrapping Up: Best Practices

Dale Dupree, leader of the Sales Rebellion, summed it up nicely when I asked him about his video call set up, “ [a chrome extension that mutes background noise], a nice Logitech or comparable camera, a video que’d and ready to play to set the stage for what is about to happen and give the prospect more of an experience than a boring pitch. I’d choose a customized background for your zoom as well.

Truly, this is called going the extra mile and giving people what they deserve. Our very best.”

Are you ready to have more sales calls? Maybe it’s time to up your inbound lead game. If you’re a premium service provider, I want to talk to you. We may or may not be the right marketing company for you, but I can promise you one thing… If you schedule a 20-minute marketing consultation with us, you’ll leave the call with a ton of value.


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