The 6 Best Solar Marketing Tips to Double Your Website Conversions

The average website has a conversion rate of 2.35 percent. That means, for every 100 visitors, you’ll get two or maybe three that become customers. Your website might have a much lower…

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The average website has a conversion rate of 2.35 percent. That means, for every 100 visitors, you’ll get two or maybe three that become customers. Your website might have a much lower conversion rate, which implies that you’ll need even more traffic to garner a sale. Let’s take a look at some solar marketing tips that will double your website conversions, no matter what they are at the moment. 

Share Quality Content Across Social Media Platforms

The first thing you can do is to create quality content and share it on all your social media platforms. Everyone knows a little about the solar industry, but might not fully understand how a solar system can benefit them. Although 87 percent of Americans surveyed agree that renewable energy is vital for the country’s future, only 50 percent felt that solar was the best option. 

You have the unique opportunity to educate your potential clients and the community general through your website. Show them how to figure out what sort of setup would meet their individual energy consumption needs. Create infographics and share them. Every person that shares your graphic helps spread the word about your business. 

Add Testimonials

Be sure that you don’t skip this solar marketing tip. About 88 percent of online users have read reviews to determine the quality of a business, and 72 percent have said that testimonials increase their trust in a company. You can use this behavior to increase your website conversions by adding testimonials from happy customers. 

Testimonials will also demonstrate how someone has lowered their energy bill by installing solar, further educating someone who might be still undecided. Don’t be modest. Share testimonials in your tweets, posts, and informative articles on your website. Make sure the authors of those testimonials are alerted. Odds are they’ll share it with all their friends and family too!

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Offer Something More

High performing landing pages have one thing in common. They offer something more to the visitor. For example, you could provide free solar installation estimates, free in-person consultations, free informative booklets, a money-back guarantee on specific products, or an extended warranty. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When a potential solar client is doing research, you want search engines to list your site first. To do this, you’ll need to work on your website’s SEO by:

  • Figuring out what your customers are searching for
  • Optimizing your pages to include target keywords
  • Make your website accessible to humans and search engines
  • Improve internal and external linking

Imagine your ideal customers. What questions do they have? How can you use your website to answer those questions? What products are they searching for? Is it easy to find those products on your site? Do other sites link to you as a reliable source of information? What can you offer visitors that will make them come back when they are ready to buy?


Pay-per-click Advertisements

Pay-per-click advertisements are another way to increase relevant traffic to your website, thereby improving your conversion rates. When you use a PPC ad, you pay the publisher or search engine every time someone clicks on your ad in exchange for priority listing. 

When you set up a PPC ad, have visitors go to a dedicated landing page rather than your home page. Make sure that your ad explains precisely what a visitor will find on that landing page. Here’s where you want to make them an offer they can’t refuse by providing something above and beyond the competition. 

Offer Live Chat

Because there are so many variables when deciding on a solar product, your potential customers will have many questions that might not be answered elsewhere. If you provide a live chat, you may be able to raise that conversion rate by 40 percent. 

Live chat provides immediate answers and increases the likelihood of an in-home consultation, which is one step closer to closing the deal on a new solar product or service. It’s a cost-effective way to improve your website conversions. 

We’re Here for You

Hopefully, you are able to find these solar marketing tips useful. We at Hook Agency believe that every small solar business deserves a fighting chance even if you aren’t technologically savvy. We’ve created our website design, SEO, and PPC ad development services, especially for you. Whether your website needs overhauling, or just a few suggestions to increase website conversions, we can help.  

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