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Tips for Increasing Your Social Reach Online

Businesses know better than to look at social media as an afterthought. One thing’s for sure, there’s far-reaching consensus that social media has to be leveraged in terms of generating new business.…

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Businesses know better than to look at social media as an afterthought. One thing’s for sure, there’s far-reaching consensus that social media has to be leveraged in terms of generating new business. In other words, if you don’t have a social presence online, then you might not be doing anything at all to scale your business.

That being said, you will have to invest in effective social media marketing. The reasons are obvious. Businesses who choose to do so are quick to generate impressive ROI numbers as well as nurture high quality leads from Facebook and Twitter. This comes with the fact that people, including B2B customers, use social media to search for valuable products and services. As the mobile penetration rate continues to increase across the globe, it’s important that businesses focus a bulk of their marketing resources on optimizing their social media presence.

The goal right now is to build a solid brand online and get people to engage, and that’s what your business should be focusing on. For that to happen, it’s crucial for companies to develop effective social media strategies that are focused on engaging as many ideal clients as possible.

Using the right approaches and methodologies, you can definitely drive actionable results through the top social media marketing channels. Let’s look at some of the best tactics that will help you broaden your social reach.

1. Produce valuable content

As much as we hate to admit it, content is still king, and it will continue to be in the near future as market competition across different niches continues to tighten. At any rate, your success in social media marketing will depend on how you plan your messaging and develop a content distribution strategy for greater reach.

This boils down to effective research. The content you should be producing would depend on certain market trends. It’s only a matter of knowing what messages consumers are attracted to that will help them decide on buying a product or service.

Using content curation tools such as Scoop.IT  and Buzzsumo, you can determine the types of content that get a lot of engagement and recalibrate your social media strategy based on what currently works in your niche. In terms of content distribution, you can use tools like Hootsuite to automate your postings.

At Hook – we love SproutSocial for reporting to our clients and measuring month over month social reach.

Sprout Social - increase social reach

2. Conduct social listening

In terms of improving your social media marketing numbers, you will need to collect ample intelligence from the audience itself. In other words, you will have to “listen” to the market so you can have a better understanding of the behaviors and traits of certain segments.

Social listening is a helpful approach in that it allows you to gather crucial market data that should inform your marketing activities across all relevant channels.

To conduct social listening, simply monitor your social media posts and read the comments from clients and interested prospects. Anything from words of praise to harsh criticism should be considered since these serve as valuable pieces of marketing intelligence. You should also pay close attention to interactions between your competitors and their clients. In the long term, this will help you craft a better strategy based on these interactions.

3. Create engaging and stunning videos

Ever since Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn incorporated videos in their services, companies have been using this medium as a way to nurture and cultivate their customer base. It all boils down to how you craft video content.

It’s a considerable investment to begin with, but social video promises a hefty return if it’s done right. For this, you will need to determine the type of content you should be producing. This will depend mostly on your industry. For instance, if you’re a business that manufactures organic condiments, you can create cooking videos where you can promote your products. If you’re an outsourcing startup that offers virtual assistant services for medical professionals, you can show tips on how clinics can update and use certain software.

At any rate, videos are a powerful medium to include in your social media marketing strategy. You only need to determine the right content that resonates well with your audience. You also need to use high quality equipment, which is indispensable when you’re opting to create relevant and valuable video content.

4. Include calls to action

In terms of growing your social following, there are several options you may want to consider. You can opt for promos that can get people to follow your Facebook page or buy Instagram likes from a capable service provider to encourage more people to engage with your business through this platform.

Still, the best way you can grow your social media following is simply to ask people to connect. That simple! The trick here is to include calls-to-action that will tell your audience to like, share, or follow your page. CTAs are important since they suggest to people to proceed to the next step. So, whenever you share a social media post, make sure to include the right CTA.

5. Build your social media team

Of course, none of this would be possible without a team of marketing professionals who do the grunt work of maintaining your social media presence. This team should include content specialists, graphic designers, and account handlers who can engage audiences directly, schedule posts, and make sure your campaign is able to boost your brand’s social reach.

When forming this team, make sure to find individuals who are equipped with the right skill sets and experience. You may want to consider nurturing an in-house team, but if you’re pressed for time and resources, you may as well go the easier route and outsource your campaign to a digital marketing firm.

6. Analyze your performance

Considering the fact that social media platforms undergo constant change, you will have to spend ample time looking at your metrics and making sure the crucial indicators such as the number of shares, likes, and reach are in the positive.

On the other hand, the slightest negative change should raise alarms, so you will need to look deeper into the problem and see what’s happening on the ground. From there, you can easily update your social media marketing campaign and ensure that your business’s reach is continuously growing.

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