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Social Media Marketing Agency – How to Find the Best Fit For Your Business’s Needs

How many times have you opened a social media app today on your phone? Five times? Fifty times? 100 times? According to research conducted by the Global Web Index, the average person…

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How many times have you opened a social media app today on your phone?

Five times?

Fifty times?

100 times?

According to research conducted by the Global Web Index, the average person spends about 2 hours and 20 minutes per day on social media.

That means about 15% of the average person’s day that they are awake, they spend browsing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like. In between work, working out, eating, and everything else that people day in and day out during their busy lives, people still find time to spend a significant portion of their life engrossed in social media apps.

That’s why marketing your brand on these apps and platforms is essential for building awareness for your company, as well as bringing value to your consumers.

So, if you’re here, then you likely realized that you couldn’t create a strong social presence on your own. You’re looking for some outside help – a social media marketing agency to team up with to create excellent content. But, how do you find the right fit for you and your brand?

To help make your search process easier, here are 6 tips and tricks for weeding through the sea of options to find the right social media agency for you.

Is Their Culture the Right Fit?

Whether you like it or not, when you work with a marketing agency, they are an extension of your brand. So, they should have similar values as your own. For example, if you’re a sustainable home builder, you shouldn’t work with a social media agency who doesn’t value your the same eco-friendly principles that your brand swears by. Or, if you are a dog groomers, you wouldn’t want to work with an agency full of cat people (Maybe someday we can live in a world where cat people and dog people can coexist, but today is not that day).

Whatever you stand for, find an agency that is in line with your beliefs.

Do They Understand Your Target Market?

Where is this social media marketing agency based out of? Is it where most of your consumers are? If you’re based in the midwest, it may be difficult for an agency in California to understand what your target demographic wants. If they aren’t in your area or region, how do they plan on researching your target market to understand them better? This will also require work on your part, as you’ll have to provide your expert insight into your demographic that you’ve gained while running your business.

Ask for Successful Case Studies

social media case study

The proof is in the pudding they say (side note: does anyone actually know what this idiom means?)

So, make sure that any agency you meet with has some damn good pudding (yeah, no I definitely didn’t use it right here).

What I’m trying to say is, they can break down their process all they want and use fancy social media buzzwords, but if they don’t have actual results to back everything up, then they are a no-go.

Just don’t get shmoozed over by their fancy lingo. Find out if the agency has the delicious tapioca pudding to back up their recipe (okay I’m done with this analogy).

What Do They Specialize in? Does That Fit Your Needs?

Maybe your brand could benefit from creating videos for your content, whether it’s demonstrations and tips or product reviews. Therefore, it would be wise to team up with an agency that specializes in making videos that are perfect for social media.

If you need to increase your brand awareness because you’re a new company, then finding an agency that specializes in creating awareness and expanding your reach is what you should prioritize.

How Do They Plan on Proving Your Investment is Worth it?

Hey look, you got a bunch of likes on this post. Wow, paying that agency was all worth it after all.


How many shares did the post receive? How many more followers have you gained in the last month? Have you gotten any conversions from your social media efforts lately? These are the statistics that truly matter when it comes to your social media strategies.

online conversions

Does the agency you’re looking at have a way of relaying your ROI simply and accurately? Do they have the tools in place to follow leads that come through social? Before you sign your name on the dotted line, make sure they have a thorough process in place to prove that your investment was worth it.

Can They Give the Attention Your Brand Needs? Or Better Yet, Will They?

Finding an agency that is passionate about what they do and genuinely wants to help you grow your brand and hit your goals can be tough. But they are out there.

Be diligent in your search and take the time to find out if they are in it to help you, or in it for your money. Find an agency that is truly as energized as you are in improving your business and making an impact.

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