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Review of MnSearch Summit 2018 – Takeaways / To-do list

Wow – what an incredible MnSearch Summit. Extra-ordinarily smart speakers, powerful take-aways – and a whole lot of TOOLS. Not going to lie, sometimes just learning about the latest and greatest in…

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Mnsearch Summit - Review and Overview

Wow – what an incredible MnSearch Summit.

Extra-ordinarily smart speakers, powerful take-aways – and a whole lot of TOOLS.

Not going to lie, sometimes just learning about the latest and greatest in SEO / SEM tools is enough to get my ass to a conference and level up.

Here are some of my favorite take-aways (and now to-do list items) from this MnSearch Summit

I wanted to get this going while all of this awesomeness is still fresh in my mind, so I’m doing this the day after the summit. Feel free as well to send me an e-mail at if you have to-do items you want to add to our list – I wasn’t able to be in all sessions!

Wil Reynolds, Founder of Seer Interactive – Do your own research, stop relying on ‘best practices’

  • Be open to fresh ideas from people just out of college.
  • Expand beyond Google sheets to data research tools like Tableau
  • Check out Wil Reynolds ‘Power BI’ introduction series on Youtube to get serious about finding trends in the data on your own, and making more recommendation based on your own research.

Watch Wil Reynold’s talk now!

Jeff Sauer – Jeffalytics Marketing Courses:

  • Making sure we get our mailing list conversions tracked too (not just contact form submissions and calls.)
  • Segmenting groups of people that are actually likely to buy based on behavior – and basing the conversion rate on that since so many people aren’t actually likely customers in the first place so a 1% conversion rate isn’t your real conversion rate.
  • Get better about implementing annotations – it’s a service to people that are on that Analytics account in the future, and yourself to monitor broader trends.
  • Check out Harvest for time tracking
  • Check out Keyword Hero to get back keywords in analytics and decrease ‘Keyword not available.’
  • Check out Log Hero to track when different bots and crawlers visit your site.

John Mueller – Google Webmaster:

  • The Google Search Console team is trying to understand how most users are using it – and looking into integrations with Wix and Squarespace for the broader webmaster community.
  • Study the key pieces of javascript – or employ and expert to make sure key pieces of the page aren’t slowed by javascript (3 days vs. 1 to get crawled if behind javascript.) Especially for news sites.
  • Add captions for images / lazy load w no script
  • Continue to build out schema-friendly elements to your site, there may be a ‘meant to be read out-loud’ schema property at some point – but currently good SEO is all that will lend itself to being more search friendly.
  • Most companies aren’t extremely well served trying to spend a ton of money and resources on building out voice skills at present (June 2018).

Oli Gardner – Unbounce:

Jon Cooper – Link Building – Point Blank SEO:

  • Stop brain-storming, and just find really good examples out there in the market and steal all their ideas.
  • Once you find an author that’s on alot of blogs – search that authors name for link-building opportunities
  • Look for frequent podcast guests and figure out all the places that went on podcasts.
  • Really dig into and examine why someone is getting natural links to a resource. Can you identify that reason – reproduce something like it, and attract links that way?
  • Look at the biggest markets in the U.S. – like New York, observe what local SEO’s are doing there and reproduce it in your market.
  • Keep a list of savvy seo websites – and review them every once in a while to see what new link building techniques they are using.
  • Check out Point blank SEO’s ‘Link building resources

Dr. Pete Meyers – Moz

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