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Manufacturer Website Design: 5 Crucial Features

If you’re a manufacturer – you need an easy-to-use website that shows ideal customers what you do, and why it matter for them. This article will give you five dead-simple features to…

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Manufacturer Website Development

If you’re a manufacturer – you need an easy-to-use website that shows ideal customers what you do, and why it matter for them.

This article will give you five dead-simple features to make sure you include, and give you awesome examples of manufacturers already utilizing them.

Here it goes! Drum-roll please starting with #1.

1. A simple and intuitive navigation system.

It’s crazy how important this one feature to a manufacturers website design is. If people can’t simply and intuitively navigate around your website without thinking, then it may be easier for them to just get an estimate, make an order, or otherwise engage a competitor.

Make sure everything is organized, and then you don’t switch the method of organization confusingly half-way through a particular navigation system.

International Paper - Website Design manufacturing

2. A clear ‘sampler platter’ of the products you offer.

John Deere does an amazing job of giving you a really clear little “sampler” of the products/industries they serve. They want you to see every possible avenue to explore their site, even if they can only show one product from each category.

The little ‘peek’ inside the category is another principle that makes a site easy to navigate.

Manufacturer Website Development

3. Trust factors all over the place.

Manufacturing Website Design


Marlin Steel has some clear goals when they put ‘made in the USA’ right above their logo, and ‘Celebrating 50 years’ right underneath their logo.

What are those goals?

They want you to associate their company, and their brand with longstanding, trustworthy, and local.

Who is it for?

To me – the question ‘who is it for?’ is the most important question in marketing. If we know who the brand is for, we can make sure whatever trust factors employed match up with the types of things your ideal customer is actually looking for.

50 years, and Made in the USA are safe bets, but so are 5-star customer testimonials, clients and media mentions – 2 of which are below.

Trust factors in Manufacturing web design



Industrial Machinery- Steel website design

4. An emotionally persuasive story – and key differentiating features.

This Deneen Pottery site, that I designed 5 years ago – nonetheless has some really key pieces that make for a compelling website or any piece of marketing material for that matter.

The key piece is – brand story.

We want to know how long a company has been around, the team involved, any key process differentiators (in their case solar) and the process that makes the items better.

Manufacturing Web Design – features not to miss

5. Call-to-action buttons that are prominent


Right away on Lockheed Martin’s site, there is a button that invites you to learn more about a specific product.

Often a call-to-action button can bring you to submit an RFQ, or any other key action you want people to take.

But don’t forget a call-to-action.

Manufacturer Website Design


When it comes to manufacturer website design – don’t forget clear navigation, a quick and visual ‘sampler platter’ of your products or the industries your serve, trust factors, a compelling story, and clear call-to-action buttons.

The number #1 tip I have for manufacturers re-doing their website is hard to explain visually, but here it is: Make sure the site explains the benefits to YOU – the ideal customer, not just explains the story of US, and why we’re so awesome. Always set up your ideal customer as the hero of the story.

Benefits over features every time.

Speaking of which – if we can be useful to YOU, by helping you create an epic and effective industrial manufacturing website design, please send us a message now, and we’d love to talk through that process and do a free consultation. We are also really great at search engine optimization – our specialty is where visual design and SEO combine!


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