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Understanding The Importance Of Local Mobile Marketing

If you are a local business, local mobile marketing is a must. With the amount of time people are spending on their phones these days, it is one of the most likely…

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If you are a local business, local mobile marketing is a must. With the amount of time people are spending on their phones these days, it is one of the most likely places to reach your potential customers. The amount of mobile data that is being collected is only growing at this point meaning the growth of mobile marketing will continue to happen.

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While mobile marketing is continually becoming more popular, it is important to note the significance that local searches are having as well. In fact, the growth of local searches is growing at a 50% higher rate than mobile marketing and is now over ⅓ of mobile searches. This means that local businesses have a lot of opportunities to capitalize on these trends.

There are many mobile marketing strategies that you can implement into your gameplan, but knowing where to start can be tough.

We’ve outlined a few of the most popular location mobile marketing strategies for you to reach more people and get more customers.

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Place a QR code inside of your establishment

These are those odd-looking pixilated squares that you are seeing more and more of these days. These squares are called QR codes and are great for things like mobile apps.

So how do these work?

Well, basically the user will scan the code with their phone and will be given a link at the top of their phone or be taken straight to the link. You can do things like meshing QR codes with things like special promotions or events taking place making it more enticing for the user to download the app. You can even make it so that they need the app for them to access specific content and other things giving them more of a reason to download the app.

Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing takes consumer’s current and past locations to give them ads tailored to their location. The two most popular forms of this are Geofencing and Geo-Targeting.

What’s the difference between these two?

Geofencing is used by companies such as Facebook in order to send ads to potential consumers based on their current location at the moment. You will see these from things such as bars and restaurants that you are near.

Geotargeting is similar to Geofencing, but instead, uses their past locations. These can be use by places such as clothing stores or car dealerships in order to send out a discount that could end up being the deciding factor in getting you to purchase that new wardrobe or getting that shiny new car. Another space that could capitalize on this is restaurants by sending out ads to people who have come to the restaurant in the recent months.

Google My business is another great way for you to up your location-based marketing game. You are able to create a profile for your business that allows you to share information for when nearby users can find your business when they Google businesses in your area. If you want to learn more about Google My Business, read more here.

Mobile Search Ads

Similar to Google ads, mobile search ads are where the ads appear at the top of the user’s search results in a similar appearance to the organic search results. Just like Google ads, mobile search ads have many benefits as well.

If you are ranking at the top of the pack of organic Google searches for keywords, it will help you to bring a massive amount of traffic to your site. However, if you haven’t started getting your SEO services, mobile search ads may be a good option for you until you get your SEO where it needs to be.

What’s great about mobile search ads is that they pretty much let you jump ahead of everyone else in the search results so that more people see your page. This puts you in front of more people’s eyes and will give you a better chance of searches landing on your page.

Optimizing your Website for Mobile

First things first, if you don’t have a website, you are already way behind and not getting anywhere close to the exposure you could be. Not having a website is also a sure way to drive your potential customers straight to the competition.

When you do have a website however, it is crucial that you have it optimized for mobile.

Why is this?

Because over 60% of searches are being done on mobile devices. If your website wasn’t built with mobile in mind, then you have to either rebuild it with a responsive design. Having a mobile-friendly design will make Google look more favorably on your site when figuring out search results.

Like I mentioned earlier, mobile searches are more popular now than ever, and that isn’t looking to change anytime soon. A mobile website is great for improving your local search engine optimization for morning searches and gives your visitors a better experience with working on your website. When you don’t have a mobile website, it may give your business an out of date feel to it because the visitor has to zoom in and out on their own to get where they need making it tough to navigate.

When getting your website built, be sure that there are clear calls to action for your visitors to take. These include things like “contact us now”, directions to your business, social media, and the other information you need for your website to be found relevant by Google.

If you are looking for a fresh website design with mobile optimization, reach out to us and see how we can help your business take that step to the next level.

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Conclusion of Local Mobile Marketing

Hopefully, this gives you a few new ideas for your business to start incorporating into your local mobile marketing.

There is a lot that goes into local SEO which is why it is important to understand the importance of local mobile marketing.

When you use these tips, you will be well on your way to becoming a local marketing expert.

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