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7 Local Linking Strategies That Work Right Now

So what is a Local Linking? When it comes to link building, the type of links we want are the high authoritative domains that will link back to your website and look…

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Local Linking Strategies

So what is a Local Linking?

When it comes to link building, the type of links we want are the high authoritative domains that will link back to your website and look to get as many of them as possible. 

However, if you’re a smaller local business, this may not always be an easy task to accomplish.  

If you are in charge of building the relevance of your local website through local link building, you need to have an understanding of what you are looking for and what benefits you most. 

Local Linking Strategies

When you get a local link, it should do the following:

  • It should link back to your website
  • It should give reach to your local audience

One thing you should note is that the most influential authorities in your local market may be small businesses themselves. But since they are the most influential in the space, they may just be more valuable than the big dogs like Forbes and The New York Times because of their local reach. 

What do Backlinks do for Your Search Engine Ranking?

Moz did a study that examined the top 50 Google search results for 15,000 keywords to see what the correlation was between these, and how frequently those characteristics were seen. 

One of the strongest correlations they found was the number of ranking websites and external backlinks. In fact, they found that 99.2% of those websites had at least one external link. This means that if you want to rank for a keyword without any backlinks, it will be a tough journey. 

The study shows that the more links you have from unique websites, the more likely you were to have a higher ranking on search engines. 

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Where Do You Get Links for Your Local Linking Strategy?

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1. Leveraging Existing Relationships – 

When it comes down to businesses, everyone works with somebody in one way or another. Take a little dive into the businesses that you are currently working with. Those current relationships that you have are a great way for you to get more links. 

Be sure to check out their page and see if they have a partner’s page on their website that you could possibly get yourself onto. 

Another thing to check for is to see if they have a testimonial section on their website and offer to write one for them. I’m sure they would love to get another testimonial from you to put up on their page. 

2. Donations & Sponsorships – 

Donations and sponsorships can be a great way for you to get a few links back to your site. Not only are you getting involved with something you believe in, but are also able to benefit from it. 

The links you get from this can be great and bring you a good amount of traffic to your page but will depend on the amount of traffic their site gets. 

3. Scholarships – 

When you offer local scholarships to schools around your local area, it can be surprisingly beneficial. These scholarships give you the opportunity to be linked throughout their website and will most likely be displayed on the scholarship page of the school website. 

4. Local Newspapers or Media Outlets – 

The local newspapers and media outlets are always searching for stories to fill their pages and give their audience quality content. These can get your site quality backlinks and exposure from the local media, the only thing is that you have to get them something interesting to publish. These can be things like events, reopening, or even an anniversary that is coming up. 

Reach out to the local newspapers and media outlets and see if they are willing to publish your story and get links coming back to your site. 

5. Local Bloggers with a Small Local Following – 

Local bloggers can have a great impact on the local community and can have more pull than you may think. Think about it like this, if you had a neighbor share a great experience they had at a restaurant went to, odds are you would give it a shot. 

People sharing their experiences with the world online has become extremely popular to the point where people are able to make a living off of it. This is because when these blogs, vlogs, etc. get popular enough, people will pay to sponsor a post the blogger/influencer does that mentions their business. 

6. Local event pages – 

Local events are always looking for sponsors and will usually have links heading back to sponsors’ websites. You are oftentimes able to sponsor an event in more ways than just cash, such as donating products, services, food, auction items, etc. 

Check out these sites you’re interested in sponsoring and see if they are linking back to their sponsors. Once you find these links and feel satisfied, reach out to the organization and see how you are able to get some links back to your site in exchange for your generosity. 

7. Check Out the Competition – 

Make sure you don’t skip out on doing your research on the competition to see where they’re getting their links from. This can be a great way for you to find a whole new list of possible sites that will add to your list of local linking. Tools like Ahrefs are great for getting you a list of sites that link back to your competitors. 


When you are getting backlinks from popular and trusted websites, you are able to significantly increase the authority of your website and drive more exposure and traffic. 

Use these local linking strategies and you’ll find your list of backlinks will continue to grow. 


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