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Linkedin Video – Is it Worth Spending Time on? + 5 Tips

You should do everything in marketing right? Not really! Because they all take time or money, and you could be spending that time or money on something else if a particular channel…

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Linkedin Video

You should do everything in marketing right? Not really! Because they all take time or money, and you could be spending that time or money on something else if a particular channel isn’t THE BEST CHANNEL.

That’s why you should OWN one or two marketing channels really well, particularly if you’re a small business or a single entrepreneur. Personally for me – Linkedin, and particularly Linkedin video is one of my two. Why?

  • Budget required for me = 0, because I do it myself.
  • Uncomfortable Effort required for me = 0, because it’s fun.
  • Eyeballs = 10x what I’m able to get on other platforms for a multitude of reasons (the first one being that there’s as many people on Linkedin as on Tik-Tok 5B users, and only 5% post on Linkedin)

Linkedin Video

3 Questions that you can use to determine if Linkedin video is a great place for you to spend time:

  • Is attention in general, scarce and hard to get for small businesses?
  • Do you believe your ideal customer audience is on Linkedin?
  • Do you believe your referral audience is on Linkedin?

For us – people who refer us business, mention our videos on Linkedin. We also get direct leads, and closed business from Linkedin.

I’ve also gotten new business from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (100’s of thousands of dollars in business believe it or not), Print advertising, and many other channels.

So… why Linkedin?

You look for the arbitrage – meaning, where is the best deal – for the most amount of attention, in a way that suits my strengths – and can I double down on it? How much more effort can I push into it – before the benefit starts to decrease?

  • Personally I like platforms where I can keep pushing more effort and getting more reward.
  • Right now – Linkedin is in that type of place, and I don’t have a huge marketing budget, but I do have time.
  • Like I said – more than anything it comes to the fact it’s fun for me – and I strongly value attention. Attention = brand recognition = more conversations = more connected = business growth = fulfilling on our vision to be as useful as possible and allows us Hook better leads for growth-oriented companies by making their website more effective. 

Why are Linkedin impressions and views so high compared to other platforms?

Holy shit – Linkedin has a ton of interaction per capita compared to other platforms.

People don’t put out very much content compared to how much content they look at and interact with comparatively. Likely because there’s apprehension about ‘over-sharing’ or it’s just more un-nerving to post on a professionals only platform.

But people are super nice! Really – maybe overly nice. Linkedin is not somewhere to be scared of posting.

Reddit? Yes. Linkedin? No.

If you can commit to posting regularly, and post super useful content that lines up with your brand, about something you want to be known for – I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to make it one of your 2 main platforms.

Is Linkedin Video Worth it for You?

Josh Braaten of Brandish Insights – “Yes and no. It’s thankless and doesn’t often pay off on the KPIs I set for them. That said, they are hands down the #1 source of serendipity for my business. The majority of our non-referral new business is driven in some part by video or blog content.”

Dale Dupree of The Sales Rebellion – “LinkedIn video is still so fresh and effective that anyone and everyone can benefit from it. Using it for direct messages via the phone app, putting inspiration and tangible advice into the feed, bringing an experience to those viewing the video, I could go on! It has definitely been one of my secret weapons.”

Chris Vone Heune of Xerox – “1,000% yes! Here’s what is has done for me. I’ve had people reach out solely because of my videos which has lead to new friendships, business opportunities, and more It spurred me to create a YouTube channel which is something I’ve always wanted to do People get an idea of who I am because they see me on video versus text posts, it humanizes you a ton. Since most aren’t making videos, I get more visibility for being one of those “early adopters” The organic reach is amazing, the costs are zero, it helps build my brand since I wear vests/ties or a scarf when I’m casual and that’ show people know me now.”

Jarrett Thomas of iPullRank – Video is an incredible piece of content for LinkedIn that doesn’t require a ton as long as you were willing to step outside the box. Most videos we did were spur of the moment and helped build more relationships than leads which works for me especially given the circumstances

I don’t know! Make a decision for yourself.

  • Are you willing to spend time building your audience and interacting with other people, not just making and putting out your content?
  • Do you like it? / Is it fun for you?

If you’re going to – these are my 5 simple tips for being highly effective at Linkedin video:

  1.  Title at the top, and subtitles when possible (square video). This is empathy with your audience, they have no time, make it short!
  2.  Be provocative and ask questions. We take counter-intuitive stances all the time and it’s OK if people disagree with you.
  3.  Interact more than you post. You are not a megaphone, hype up other people.
  4. Connect with as many people as possible, go Gold. If they don’t know you, or aren’t connected to you, how can they interact with your content?
  5.  Get a posse, comment and like on each other’s stuff. 

Feel free to connect – let’s have a 30-min video coffee chat!

Thanks for reading!

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