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11 Link Removal Tools to Save Yourself from a Google Penalty

When it comes to outranking your competition in search results, there is no easy button. You need to full-on go for it using only the best link building strategies.  You also need…

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When it comes to outranking your competition in search results, there is no easy button. You need to full-on go for it using only the best link building strategies. 

You also need to protect yourself and take time to keep watch over your backlinks and make sure there are no links that threaten your rankings and SEO performance.   

To protect yourself, you can use a backlink removal tool that allows you to keep your backlinks clean and help you hold your rank. 

1.) Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks gives you the tools to fight against negative SEO by taking out the bad links.

They help you to defend yourself from the real attack of negative SEO from competitors attacking you with spam-filled backlinks and quickly and effectively fight against them. 

Get all your important insights so you can understand the progress of your SEO instantly and get your traffic results, changes in backlinks, and keyword rankings all in one place. 

You can receive your backlink metrics from some of the top data sources and manage efficiently with useful things like tags, filters, notes, and an import/export option. 

2.) rmooov

If you are getting low quality and spammy links on your websites backlink profile, you may be in danger of spending too much time on these issues, and not enough time on your solutions. 

Use rmoov to get things back in your favor and start being productive again.

rmoov is able to do a long list of things such as send emails, provides a reporting system for domain owners, sends reminders, checks links automatically, and auto-fills each step into a Google doc for you to see what is happening. 

No matter the size of your backlink removal problem, rmoov can help you solve your problem.

There is a free version for basic members that does everything you need from it with a limitation on the number of campaigns and URLs that you are able to process. 

If you want to manage your link removal for bigger or multiple sites, you will need their business or enterprise versions.

3.) Linkquidator 2.0

Linkquidator collects all the data from your backlinks and displays it by using data from authoritative SEO tools and sources, which means you don’t have to keep using different tools to perform a deep link audit. 

This is done through a three-step process. 

Backlinks Evaluation

The process starts by going through your backlinks in order to get as much data as possible on your backlinks. In order to get even more additional info, they use data from Google API, Google Analytics, and SEO Majestic that can be important for finding the quality of the backlinks you have. 

Link Quality Calculation

Once they have all the information they need on your backlinks, their algorithm looks at the factors and indicators that ca impact your filter and send signals of spam. Each flag will either increase or decrease the score and judges how good each backlink is and how it will influence your website or individual pages. 

Removal Process and Regain Process

During the next step in the process, they provide you with a solution to create a disavow file with just one click and complete the entire process in just three steps and allows you to get rid of your Google penalty. They will monitor your website so that you can avoid problems and protect your business. 

4.) Remove’em

Remove’em takes all the data fro major sources and puts it through proprietary algorithms that will give you a better understanding of your links and help you to differentiate the good from the bad.

This gives you the flexibility to perform audits on links and make notes within the Remove’em platform and manage the links that you want to be removed and the ones you want to keep.

The links you have will also be checked on a nightly basis to determine if they are still up and live and report on any status changes to make backlink removal even easier. 

5.) Linkody

While SEO is ever-evolving, the action of getting and holding into backlinks continues to be an important factor.

Assessing the value of backlinks is something that you really should be doing to keep track of your links and be sure they are not removed, as well as knowing how your competitors are using backlinks to get more traffic. 

Linkody makes backlink monitoring a breeze by sending you notifications when you gain new backlinks and when they are being removed. You will never have to check your backlinks manually again with Linkody.

They will show you useful SEO metrics for you to easily assess your backlinks and find which ones are valuable and ones that you should remove that are harming your website’s keyword position.  

6.) Link Detox 

Link detox is one of the leading tools in link analysis and risk management. 

It was made to help SEOs from all around the world remove their bad links, build friendly links, and locate and fix any negative SEO attacks and Google penalties. 

When it comes to Google penalties, waiting for Google to notice your disavow file and not count the bad links hurting your rankings can be a long and painful process.

Link Detox can help to increase the speed of your recovery from these penalties and attacks and help Google notice these changes in your backlink profile. 

Link Detox separates itself fro other tools by providing you with fresh data on your backlinks whenever you begin a new report allowing you to research the backlinks that your website currently has. 

7.) SEOprofiler 

When a website has too many artificial and unnatural backlinks, it will get penalized by Google. This is why automated backlink generators and backlink builders can get your website into trouble.

The Link Disinfection tool in SEOprofiler detects these links for you and is able to assist you in getting rid of any bad backlinks you have. 

A website that does not have any links with spam will do better in the rankings on Google. The link profiler tool inSEOprofiler will help you to make sure that your website only has high-quality links. 

The Link Disinfection tool in SEOprofiler makes it easy for you to get rid of bad links by automatically creating a disavow links file for you. 

Once you remove your bad links, you can use the link building tools in SEOprofiler to make new backlinks that have a more positive impact on your search engine rankings.

8.) Disavow Tool

Google tries hard to make sure that your website is not negatively affected by third-party sites. However, incoming links are able to affect the opinion Google has on a website or individual page.

If you think your website is being hit by low-quality links you do not control and are lowering your site’s ranking, you are able to ask Google to not take them into account when they assess your website. 

You should still try to clean out any unnatural links that are leading to your site, as disavowing them alone is not going to be enough. 

9.) CognitiveSEO 

With CognitiveSEO, you are able to use the unnatural link detection tool to identify the problematic links that brought you that penalty.

This can be done if you were affected by the Google update or just a manual link penalty. 

This tool scans the entire link profile to find any unnatural links that you may have and caused your penalty to happen.

After this process is complete, you can either create a list to use for contacting the owners of those links, or you can create a disavow file that is ready to send.  

CognitiveSEO is a great tool for helping with rankings, competitor research, backlink analysis, and unnatural link detection and link removal.

It has a preview screen that allows you to check the sites before you decide whether or not you want to add them to a disavow file or leave the links as they are. 

10.) Link Patrol

LinkPatrol is a great way for you to keep track of, review, and clean up any links that you have in your posts and website pages.

It is a three-step process that makes it extremely easy to use by just scanning, reviewing, and taking action. 

When scanning your content for links, it only takes a few seconds and you only need to do it one time.

After the first scan, any new and updated posts and pages that are added to the website will be scanned automatically. 

LinkPatrol reports assist you in the analysis of your linking strategy by sorting them by domain and who authored them. 

When you find the links that you want to remove from your site, there is no need to edit each post individually that has one. You just need to nofollow or strip all the links to particular domains and URLs. 

11.) Loganix 

Loganix provides a full analysis and removal services on backlinks to help improve your website’s rankings and avoid and reverse any penalties.

Building and cleaning links is not the most exciting job in the world, but it is important if you want to have a successful SEO campaign.

They have seen the good, bad, and ugly while doing work for their clients and have no problem handling all the work for you.

Their process of auditing websites begins with a deep dive into your site in order to identify any bad and unnatural looking links and they use both automated tools and manual reviews by humans to make sure that there is nothing they are missing. 


Protecting your backlinks is a very important part of keeping your search engine ranking high.

These backlink removal tools that were listed will help you to keep your website safe and protected from any spam attacks and Google penalties. 

Be sure to compare these tools to find the one that works best for you and what you are hoping to accomplish. 

And if you are in search of a company that deals with high-quality backlinks every day to get their clients a significant increase in business and traffic – contact us today! 

We help companies like you to get high-volume traffic onto their website. Send us a message to learn about our process and how we do it. 

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