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Lawyer Website Design Inspiration

You may have noticed that many lawyer, law-firm, attorney, and legal services website designs are as dry and dead as you could possibly get. So what’s the solution? Take a fresh shot…

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Lawyer Web Design Inspiration

You may have noticed that many lawyer, law-firm, attorney, and legal services website designs are as dry and dead as you could possibly get.

So what’s the solution?

Take a fresh shot of inspiration – from this short collection of Lawyer Website Design Inspiration!

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Fields Law – Example of our work

We helped Fields Law create this site for their work injury division, and enjoyed the process of making something super hyper-focused for a specific aspect of their work.

Lawyer Web Design by Hook Agency - Attorney Website Designs, Lawyer SEO Search Engine Optimization

Robert Weinberger – Lawyer Web Design Inspiration

The messaging, and the personal feel of this site is definitely on point. You have the introduction that suggests justice will be served on your behalf, and it’s niched to business law – which gives credibility. Anytime you can establish a specialty right away, it allows for people that aren’t in your target market to disqualify themselves, and it also allows the site to be better targeted for more Google traffic (law firm SEO). Beyond that the section ‘Just call me Bobby’ – both gives legitimacy because the business is partly personality driven and backed by one individuals pride (an awesome trust factor if appropriate,) it also says that you can be casual with us – so hop in, we’d love to chat business.

Legal Services Web Design

Thomas Kuttner – Law firm Web Design Inspiration

Once again, Thomas Kuttner has carved out a very specific niche for themselves which allows the website to be laser-focused on the goal of defining that niche and getting visitors to the next step. It establishes the law firm as an expert in these kinds of disputes, shares the services in a clean and professional way and then has a big, obvious lead form for people to take the next step. Very solid legal website design.

Thomas Kuttner Law- Legal Services Web Design -Lawyer Web Design

Acapo – Legal / Trademark / I.P. Website Design Inspiration

This site is extremely modern (almost a little hip, whoops!) No for real, it allows for someone to get the impression that this company is on the cutting edge of style – but also with the technology and methods that they use.

Acapo Web Design- Lawyer Web Design

Roulston Urquhart – Criminal Defense / Attorney Website Design Inspiration

Smart, strategic, aggressive advocacy. The copywriting on this website compliments the big open, professional but stark main image that says – we are smart, but also understanding. Each of the attorney’s faces seems to convey purposefully some of the emotions that a defendant might want to see when they were getting council or facing a court battle. Confident, compassionate, and savvy.

Lawyer Web Design- Legal Services Digital Marketing

GJEL Accident Attorneys – California Personal Injury Website Design Inspiration

“Winning 99% of cases. Over $850 Million for accident victims and their loved ones” These are things to be proud of – for these accident attorneys, these small details don’t get lost in a sea of text – they’re some of only a few details provided in the introduction, followed by contact information, an easy to use and immediate form, and organizations the company is a part of – which is great for helping visitors trust the site quickly and along with a big positive testimonial nudges them to make a decision.

Legal Services Web Design


Thank you for checking out this lawyer website design inspiration!

Let us know if you need any help, and share in the comments if you find another amazing Lawyer website.

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